Hotdog Casserole

Hotdog Casserole

Webby Butler (Gabe Staino) has recently married his third future ex-wife. After two messy divorces and foolishly squandering his fortune away through an addiction to online poker, Webby tries to keep his problems with the IRS from his money hungry wife Vicky (Felissa Rose). Glen Butler (Brandon DiCamillo) has known of his father's money troubles for months, bu hides it from his adopted sister Melody(Jillian Raab) and step brother Liam (Cole Cugini) in attempts to keep the family together. Meanwhile, famous stuntman, Lex Tanner (Rake Yohn) has arrived in town to perform his newest, deadliest stunt. Who will be lucky enough to attend the daring festivities? Witness as the Butler family faces overwhelming complications, awkward mishaps, and unbelievable heartache throughout their chaotic day.

Alumni from CKY, Viva La Bam and Jackass get together to perform hilarious sketch comedy. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Mohd S (es) wrote: For real horror fans, it's really kick ass.

Mayank A (mx) wrote: Really funny the way they make the subject of alien abduction full of humor. Simple, Cleaver & Hilarious

Nandan T (de) wrote: The ending should've been better in my case. But overall a nice film. Loved the narration.

Colin B (gb) wrote: I always liked this one . . . sort of a spoof on Westerns, and I never really liked Westerns anyway . . .

Terry C (es) wrote: Love this movie! Brilliant combination of production values - casting, acting, cinematography, music, etc., provide backdrop for story about personal redemption on the Arabian Peninsula. Wonderful weaving of various characters and side stories. even if the whole thing was made up - Disney made the mistake of saying this was based on the life of actual person. If they had said this was "inspired" by oral histories of said person, wonder if this would have made a difference. Glad this movie is having second life on cable. Critics here are morons!

Jason J (nl) wrote: A father is killed and reincarnated as a young pup named Fluke. This is a beautiful, at times funny and sad movie. Had me in floods of tears at the end.

Samantha S (jp) wrote: Good movie but somehow detached from the audience.

Tylor B (es) wrote: My dad used many of Bill's phrases to me when I was growing up. A comic legend.

wild willie n (au) wrote: So damn what if this plays out like an episode of 80's tv show KNIGHT RIDER - i dig it!! One of the few movies i enjoy Tommy Lee Jones in. On the plus side - this flick contains 2 brutal ass beatings!! A guilty pleasure.

Tony C (br) wrote: Chloe feels horribly out of place as Carrie. This reboot could have been fantastic, had they just made important changes. They should have made a twist, for example, Carrie's mom being telekinetic too, so they could have a battle, but instead it is a scene for scene disaster. The effects are great, but without a new story, the only people who could like tis, are those who haven't seen the original.

Alan T (nl) wrote: Realistic and sees the other side of the war. Excellent

Luke C (br) wrote: Writer-director James L. Brooks' "How Do You Know" is a charming, romantic and a genuine film. Reese Witherspoon plays Lisa a passionate athlete who just got cut from the softball team. She dates Matty (Owen Wilson) a womanizing professional baseball player. Paul Rudd plays George a business man who just got indicted from his father's (Jack Nicholson) company also his girlfriend broke up with him. So George and Lisa become friends and maybe something more. I liked this film I love this message and the three leads. 4/5 stars

Loyal D (br) wrote: It was well acted and it was an uplifting movie, but it was insanely predictable, cheesy, and had a lot less to do with sports than I expected. It was a classic to some people, but to me it was overrated and outdated. Still a watchable film, but not as good as expected.

David D (ru) wrote: An insult to horror fans

Ryan W (ru) wrote: This film's attempts are being scary were laughable. The twist made absolutely no sense either.

Frances H (jp) wrote: Tom Hiddleston is good, as usual, and so is Elizabeth Olsen but the script is just dull, as is the direction and cinematography.