Hotel Deluxe

Hotel Deluxe

Hotel Deluxe is basically "All's Well Ends Well 2013", with almost the same cast and crew, and some new faces added in. It tells the story of a team of hotel management trying their best to score a 5-star rating for their hotel, with some supporting characters and stories added in along the way.

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Patryk F (it) wrote: i enjoyed this movie :)

Generoso F (ag) wrote: A charming effort from Denis. An obviously less than revolutionary reaction to the traffic jam as in Godard's "Weekend". Laure ( played with superb sensuality and confusion by Valerie Lemercier) selects Jean (Vincent Lindon) out of a sea of pedestrians to have her last fling with before moving in with her boyfriend. There is little dialog here, only eye contact, sounds and gestures which make this such a intimate film.

Dustin L (au) wrote: Cult classic. It is very pioneering when it was in 2003, in terms of HK police stories.

Daniel P (kr) wrote: An interesting insight into the early years of The Beatles

Joshua L (gb) wrote: This movie has a real cool idea about it. Its pretty funny too

Sudharshan S (ca) wrote: Best to have come from Mira Nair. Film explores the dark world of the homeless children on the streets of Bombay.Great cast..neat direction and an amazing score from L Subramaniam. This should go straight to your to-watch list...

Nick P (ag) wrote: Great movie, beautiful Canadian scenery, sad reality of human ignorance, Farley Mowatt is inspiring.

Ken T (nl) wrote: Paulo Martins is a poet and journalist in a place called El Dorado. He opposes the views of a conservative leader Diaz and supports a more popular man of the people Vieira. However, soon his views are entirely jaded by the tactics of both men. Certainly the film parallels and establishes thoughts and feelings associated with the 1964 Brazilian coup d'etat. We feel the anguish and frustration of the central character as he evolves from being idealist, to withdrawn, to being a puppet. A thoroughly thoughtful examination of the nature of politics - from a cynical point of view. Truly unique and fascinating cinema from a great filmmaker.

Jayakrishnan R (br) wrote: 81%Saw this on 01/10/15Extremely well shot, that too in real locations (unlike the classical Hitchcock type movies) and with a stunning score, but however, this is by far not amongst the most suspenseful movies. It's acting is good, but not extraordinary. The film has good characters, but it's neither as emotional as many of the other classics and it ends up in a predictable fashion.

Seth C (nl) wrote: After watching a man get castrated and several more die bloody and violent deaths, I made up my mind that this film was about how they can gross out the audience and not really give a story at all. I couldn't wait for the film to be over.

Dionis S (br) wrote: Nothing special, but fun to watch nonetheless

Anand K (us) wrote: Great movie but he's super smart but forgets to pay the russian gangster loan shark??? this would have been the FIRST thing I did and I'm not even super smart. Also when the NZT falls out I would have easily tricked the gangster by saying 'oh that's great shit you should take it right now!' DER. Hollywood always goofs up on the super smart depictions....PS NZT lets you think your way out of any situation-unless the situation is russian gangster after you.....also he takes a couple sips of dude's blood and he gets the full dose of NZT??? WTF????? LOGIC, people!!!!!Also he takes NZT for months and at the end there's still the same number of pills in the bag. Those pills are like ninjas-no matter how many you kill, there's still the same number of ninjas.

Kenny N (fr) wrote: A cinematic experience unlike any other. Watch it in German with English subtitles. The English dub isn't as satisfying.

Kyle J (mx) wrote: Great move. Realistic and fascinating.

Troy K (jp) wrote: Good it gets 17% is ridiculous.

Bobby F (br) wrote: my favorite movie of all-time...a delight to watch,scenery is terrific and it was hilarious!!!

Dan N (gb) wrote: A very interesting documentary film which i found very realistic. Its supposed to be real... i can't tell if it is or not. There's no reason that it couldn't be real... just goes to show you have to make that the person you are speaking to on the internet is really the person you think it is!