Erika has it all: a good job, lots of friends and a secure relationship. Until the day it all falls apart. Suddenly this perfect life means nothing, and the feelings she once was able to ...

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:97 minutes
  • Release:2013
  • Language:Swedish
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:hotel,   group therapy,  

Erika has it all: a good job, lots of friends and a secure relationship. Until the day it all falls apart. Suddenly this perfect life means nothing, and the feelings she once was able to ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Sergio S (fr) wrote: Shailene woodley saves divergent with her preformance which could've been an utter disaster

Lindsay E (ru) wrote: wow, definitely sad, but very realistic if you've experienced it. the siblings are quite characters (like me and my brothers) to lighten the mood

Li Li M (de) wrote: Predictable. Poorly shot. Good cast though. Really not worth watching.

SV G (mx) wrote: This little film from Australia is about a family that lives a sort of obscured life while the father mines for opals in the fields each day dreaming of the big find. His 8 year old daughter who is painfully shy has two imaginary friends. When they go missing she mysteriously becomes very ill and her father pays the price when he goes looking for them to appease her. Her 11 year old brother comes to the rescue and rallys the whole town behind them. Cute movie - honors the importance of imagination and how it might help see us through our hopes and dreams. A fair little movie.

shanul h (us) wrote: I love Jensen's sense of humor but he mixes it with dramatic situations that seem forced. He still managed to keep things funny for one hour and the actors did a great job.

Michael H (ag) wrote: Sonny Chiba is badassitute personified. He??s supposed to be the hero here, but he??s even meaner than the bad guys; next to him, Bruce Lee is a pussy! Chiba won??t make you surrender, he??ll kick your ass, break all your bones and rip your balls off, all the while creeping the crap out of you with his guttural grunts! I also love the supporting cast, from the COBRA-like villains to the Zatoichiesque blind swordsman and, last but not least, Terry??s hilariously gay sidekick Ratnose. ??The Street Fighter?? is B-moviemaking at its most exhilirating.

Elijah P (de) wrote: A fun movie. The visual effects are amazing. This movie proves you *don't* need CGI in order to make your movie look amazing.

Dkdigitalinformaticsintnetmu D (nl) wrote: the most superb film i`ve ever seen

David J (gb) wrote: Crap. Saw it in the theater ... Yawn! Stupid.

Logan M (ag) wrote: Dated and just not that funny, Robert Altman's film adaptation of the satirical novel doesn't have half the cultural impact that the TV series that followed it did.

Andy C (es) wrote: OK. Mae West wants everybody to "come up and see her", and by the 80th time she said that I wanted to come up and slap her.

Scott W (es) wrote: There's a lot to like here, starting with the performances from Judi Dench and Steve Coogan. The flashbacks to Philomena in the abbey are heart-wrenching. As the story builds, you really buy in to wanting to know if she is going to find her son. Structurally, I have some issues with this movie. Once Philomena finds out the truth about her son, it feels like the story has nowhere to go. What comes after that is not as exciting or emotional as what came before it. That being said, it's definitely a memorable movie and deserved its Oscar nomination for Best Picture.

Spencer K (it) wrote: it's pretty by the numbers, a little overlong, and unoriginal but it's cast is incredibly charming and all of them give good performances and you can tell they're all having fun with this movie. it's a simple little movie, but it's charming as hell, entertaining and a pleasant little diversion.