Hotell Gyllene Knorren - Filmen (2011) torrents full movies

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The Rantanen family and their child friendly adventures in the hotel business continues on the big screen

Hotell Gyllene Knorren - Filmen torrents

Hotell Gyllene Knorren - Filmen full movie

Hotell Gyllene Knorren - Filmen2011 torrent

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Users reviews

Alex W (kr)

This needs to be seen by more people

Aniko V (mx)

European film fans on tghe other hand (like myself) will sure appreciate its little beauties. I don't epext it though to be too popular with an American audience - too slow and sutble for that. Great conception, altogether, especially at times when directors seem to have run short of creative ideas. And it was a great idea to make that part a quasi-silent film. I loved "Time for Freedom" - all its subtleties and contradictions. The first two are beautiful stories, the third one I was ambivalent about

berta a (ag)

de Havilland is at her best

Carinna C (de)

bored. . . so plain. . . . It's really like seeing how they live. I will consider this as a documentary rather than film

Carpet C (br)

one of the best of the current decade. beautiful little story, much more touching and sensitive than i would expect from a story revolving around sex

Christopher W (de)

A must-see for every pre-teen male

Harry W (gb)

Great thriller full of twists!

Jerome Y (mx)

won't recommend it lah. . . Ok ok. . . Some more, no real action. It had a chance to develop the plot into something interesting but fell back to something so predictable

Jonathan C (ca)

E for Effort. A sequel that tries to replicate the original's suspense and scares, but gets side tracked by excessive gore and a high body count

Timothy M (ag)

The characters are very recognisable, very real, particularly the influence of the father on the son (although not in the typical way it is presented in films). I had some minor issues with the story structure, which loosens a bit too frequently to little effect, but the central dynamic between von Sydow and Pelle is great. Quite effective