Hou hsing kou shou

Hou hsing kou shou

A snake style expert travels the lands, imposing his mastery on others, until he runs into a monkey expert living on the edge of a small town, who defeats him soundly. The snake expert ...

A snake style expert travels the lands, imposing his mastery on others, until he runs into a monkey expert living on the edge of a small town, who defeats him soundly. The snake expert ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Phillip M (ru) wrote: I think it's time Ti West gets a screenwriter to write his movies. Ti West is a capable director, but his writing skills seem to be lacking, especially in the final moments of his films. More specifically, whenever the action starts to happen and we get to the final acts of his movies, West exposes his penchant for the predictable and cliched. And unfortunately, The Scarement is the worst offender in his filmography.The movie's setting is familiar territory as two journalists from Vice and a photographer are sent to find the photographer's sister, who has been located in a secluded, religious, commune somewhere in South Africa. Of course, things aren't what they seem in this apparently perfect little world and the cult-like activities begin to surface and take place. There is nothing wrong with this set up, using Vice as a plot device works well, and no doubt the comparisons to Jonestown arise throughout, but anything Ti West does in The Scarament adds nothing to the found-footage subgenre, nor to occultist themed films, especially when the aforementioned real life event and this movie are nearly identical. In fact, The Sacrament's first half is wonderful as members of the commune are interviewed letting us know who exactly these people are. Night life may not be glitz and glam in Eden Parish, but live music, dancing, and good food are all shown to be present in the lives of its inhabitants. And the interview with the Father, although how easily the Vice journalist is undermined by such sweeping statements by the commune's leader makes it seem like an incompetent journalist was sent, Gene Jones is very believable as the film's cult leader. He is everything a cult leader would be, charismatic, well-respected, there is an air of dread that lingers around him and the misinformed and paranoid thoughts he has that spring about in later scenes establish him as the most interesting character in this movie. With a great central performance by Jones, The Sacrament could have been quite a film.However, what could have been somehing great, so quickly devolves into an uninspired, meaningless, and empty exercise in horror cliches. After we learn that people are not as happy as the Father would like us to think they are--which was done well--Ti West tries to up the ante with gratuitous violence. Horror movies can be prone to gore, and Ti West isn't one to shy away from blood, but all the diligently documented death scenes, that are meant to shock and upset, feel pointless. Why does someone light themselves on fire? Is it for the audience's benefit: a spike of action amidst a slow-burn drama that actually didn't need such a visual? More importantly, why do they film themselves? Ti West runs horror movie tropes throughout the last act of his film and it compromises and diminishes all he sets up in the beginning. Not only his writing choices, but there are some odd choice edits in his film, particularly in the mass suicide scene. How there were that many angles and closeups during a scene where the only person with a camera was standing still and from afar astounds me.It is true, though, that tension exists in this horror movie where tension is so void and underutilized in many horror flicks. There is a slowly spreading unease that permeates the film, but it's mostly due to Gene Jones' performance and present in first half where much of the horror aspects have not been introduced. The Sacrament isn't straight out horror, and could have been something more had it not really been an exercise in the horror genre and if the story was handled by a different director.There is no insight in the movie, character motives are explained at surface level, and this addition to the horror genre adds and says nothing new. It is a very lazy film. None of what happens onscreen really has a point. Because of this, the Sacrament truly seemed to exist only as a slow-burner with catastrophic ends with outrageous deaths.1/10

Asif H (fr) wrote: The superlative performance of Rani Mukherjee saves an awful film from being an even more awful film.

Vincent L (us) wrote: Intriging and mysterious but it was hard to connect with the characters.

WS W (de) wrote: Oh ok, it's a Malaysian flick, that's why it looks so different.

Kiat M (ru) wrote: Qutie difficult to understand... :(

Eliabeth M (de) wrote: This was a weird movie on family angst. I guess it was good.

Kurt v (nl) wrote: I like the title. Not enough to want to read the synopsis.

Anne T (au) wrote: this was terribly lame, but i only watched it for mr schuester anyways..oh mr schuester, be still my beating heart..

Jude L (jp) wrote: such. a. slooooooooooow. movie.

Leonardo Malacay S (jp) wrote: una pelcula mas de accin sin accin y sin sentido

Daniel D (mx) wrote: There isn't much that this movie can offer you as far as rom-coms go. Pretty basic, clichd Newyorkified Cinderella story to be honest. I did like Garcia Posey's character though. He and Fiennes pretty much save this film. But yeah, overall, if you haven't seen this, you're not missing out on much.

Austin C (br) wrote: i dont think that the name picture and description matchisnt this movie about a recently single man becoming celibate for lent?

Anne N (es) wrote: En underbar beskrivning av hur ett lokalsamhlle kan pverkas av ett par nykomlingar. Kan ses om och om igen.

Kristopher D (jp) wrote: One of the greatest movies ever made!

Kase V (ca) wrote: A landmark in cinema history, due mostly to revolutionary editing techniques, pop culture references, and a biting undercurrent of intellectualism.

Leslie D (jp) wrote: I should stop watching my October viewings in Summer but the urge to watch this was stronger. Ambitious, creepy and some humor. Great movie.

Marcio S (de) wrote: Adoro o Clint!!!!!!!!

Armchair O (fr) wrote: If you ever had the intense desire to see what Robin Williams would be like if he played a character that channeled Archie Bunker, then you might have your wish granted by the comedy A Merry Friggin' Christmas. Yet, before you run off to see this, it might be kind to inform you that the concept is not quite up to its comedic possibilities. This is a dull, mean-spirited comedy about a family that gets together at Christmas, they fight, they scream, they hate each other, and their basic demeanor is about as warm as a jar full of hornets. Yet, we're supposed to like them.That idea, in other hands, might make for a great comedy. A Merry Friggin' Christmas is about as far from a great comedy as one can get, and is further deadened by the realization that this is one of the last films that Robin Williams worked on before he left us. There are only a finite number of his films left unreleased and it's really heartbreaking to watch him waste his gifts in a performance that has him playing a nasty old crank seated in his favorite chair, chomping on a cigar, sucking back the whiskey and reminding his family for the umpteenth time that HIS name is on the mortgage of this friggin' house!His name is Mitch Mitchler. He's an alcoholic who's been a constant source of disappointment since his kids were in diapers. In flashbacks, Mitch dispels questionable words of wisdom by telling his kids, "The only road to heaven is to realize there's no road to heaven." That's before his lays the hard truth on them about Santa Claus, The Easter Bunny and The Tooth Fairy. Did you forget that this was a comedy? By this point in the movie, it's not unreasonable.Actually (or rather mercifully) Robin is not the center of things. Our focus is given over to comedian Joel McHale in a serviceable performance as Mitch's son Boyd, a reasonably good-hearted dad whose goal in life is to spend the rest of his life being Mitch's exact opposite as a father. He has a lovely wife named Luanne and two kids, Vera and Douglas. As Christmas approaches, he makes himself the stated goal that he wants to give his 8 year-old son a Christmas that he will remember for the rest of his life. That's fine until Boyd drives the family 300 miles to his parent's house and realizes at the 11th hour that he's left his son's presents back at the house. That means that he has a very short window in which to drive back to his house, retrieve the presents, and be back home before the kid wakes up.Yes, this is a road movie, and yes that means his disapproving father has to travel with him. Why? Because then we wouldn't have a movie. What follows is not so much a narrative but a long series of wacky episodes involving car chases, slapstick, one-liners and offensive stereotypes. There's a cringe-worthy subplot about illegal Mexicans and Afhanis. There's an unfunny running gag about a drunk Santa Claus played by a usually delightful Oliver Platt. And there's the usual nonsense in which the family screams hateful insults at one another in a manner that, I guess, we're suppose to find funny. Then the movie moves into a third act in which we're suppose to feel for the characters because they give each other warm looks and the soundtrack cues our emotions.You feel bad when this movie is over. You feel bad for the actors. You feel bad for anyone suckered into this movie. You feel bad for being there. Whatever happened to movies in which families like each other? When the warmth of the holidays brought people together with good will and cheer why do we need a movie like this? This is the most wonderful time of the year. So why are we given a movie this friggin' unpleasant?

Griffin W (mx) wrote: A wonderful noir mystery with a stone-cold, bad ass, yet sympathetic performance by Joseph Gordon Levitt. The style and direction makes this movie seem bigger than what it could've been and makes it so slick. The well written dialogue and awesome direction give me every right to say this movie is "PIMP"

John C (de) wrote: Abrupt ending aside, Cloverfield is engaging from start to finish and leaves much potential for a sequel.