By the early 1900s, the extraordinary Houdini earned an international reputation for his theatrical tricks and daring feats of extrication from shackles, ropes, handcuffs, and Scotland Yard's jails... The film depicts Houdini's memorable escape from any pair of handcuffs produced by the audience; the outdoor exhibition, when he allows himself to be hanged upside down from his ankles, suspended from the roof of a high building, in a strait jacket; and, the dramatic act, when he accepts to be shackled with irons and placed in a box that is locked, roped, and submerged in frozen waters...

The movie is about the life of the magician and escapologist Harry Houdini, and his spectacular but tragically short career presented from his beginnings with a carnival "wild man" act to his emergence as an internationally-acclaimed illusionist. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Brandon J (gb) wrote: Haven't seen a good public reaction comedy like this since Borat.

joey b (nl) wrote: Nice film about a man journey to survive in the mountains

Diana L (fr) wrote: Lame, poor effects and bad acting.

Stephen Z (it) wrote: I know DC Comics is trying to compete with Marvel, but of all the movies that DC could invest their time and money in, why in the world did they pick this one? Any film that claims Eli Whitney invented WMD's is doomed from the start. Western films are out of date, and even in their prime, "Jonah Hex" would've made John Wayne ashamed. "Jonah Hex" is a comic-book film without the fun or charm of a comic-book film.This is a film that can't decide what genre it is. At times, "Jonah Hex" is a Western flick, and at other times, it is a sci-fi film. The film is full of bizarre dream sequences and an out-of-place animated opening. But it's not just little things. The action and the narrative are bad to their core. And to top it off, I am not invested in the character of Jonah Hex at all. And that is not Josh Brolin's fault.Josh Brolin, as Hex, makes the best of what he's given to work with, which clearly isn't much. He has bad dialogue, but delivers it well. Megan Fox is a cheap, talentless prostitute (and I'm not just talking about her character). The rest of the cast is rounded out by John Malkovich, Will Arnett, and Michael Fassbender. Which begs the question: How did so many big-name actors get roped in to such a crappy film?See that big, yellow star above? You know what that is? Nope, it's not the badge for "Sheriff of the United States." It's the rating for this movie! In the age of comic-book movies, you have to make your films relevant to be competitive. "Jonah Hex" is neither interesting nor relevant. I do not recommend "Jonah Hex" at all. Unless you want to see Josh Brolin puke up a crow. Then this is the film for you.

John B (it) wrote: It doesn't make one wit of sense but then again, this is an adaptaion of an unadaptable book so it makes sense for it not to make any sense. The interplay between Coogan and Brydon is great to watch and we get more of it in The Trip. You could do a movie just watching those two go at it..and quite frankly that is this movie.

Frank J (de) wrote: Bien que je dteste prement les personnages de Charlotte Rampling, il faut dire qu'elle tient merveille celui de Morton aux cts de Ludivine Sagnier, la petite qui a bien grandie (!) depuis 8 femmes. J'admire sincrement la candeur, la puret et la fracheur du cinma franais, cette absence de pudeur qui le caractrise si bien et qui nous purifie le coeur chaque fois. Swimming pool ne fait pas exception la rgle et ne se gne pas pour nous offrir un mixte de comdie dramatique et de thriller policier.On est bien servi par une mise en abme puisque Morton est justement crivaine de thrillers policiers...

Claire T (au) wrote: it was ok but I don't think I'll be watching it again though, Derek Jacobi, Christopher Villiers and Nick Miles (Emmerdale's Grayson and Emmerdale's Jimmy King), it was ok film but could have been better

Private U (mx) wrote: Fantastisk bra humor,best nr man har sett den et par ganger :)

Erica N (au) wrote: VEEEEERY strange movie...thanx god for a hottie in it ;) (mark Ruffalo)

Stefan G (us) wrote: As a standalone sci-fi action film, it's really not as bad, but it fails to live up to its classic predecessor in every possible way. By the time RoboCop first appears, it's as though the writers completely reset RoboCop's personality, as though none of the events of the first RoboCop film even happened. The characters are nothing special, and neither is the film's under-aged villain, who sounds like a cheesy attempt to either shock audiences or trigger a sentimental reaction, both of which are equally implausible because the film doesn't have the right atmosphere. The story itself is quite thin and eerily devoid of the social commentary that made the original RoboCop a classic in the first place. While the story and characters are shallow, this film does have a few redeeming qualities. The film does make up for some of its flaws with some decent action scenes, but in this film they seem to only gloss over the shallow plot. Perhaps the best moment in the film is when they reprogram RoboCop and turn him into a jabbering, slogan-shouting buffoon. As funny as it is, it's also a strangely effective metaphor for what would become of all future RoboCop films (and that includes last year's terrible RoboCop remake). My point is that, by the time this film was made, RoboCop had become nothing more than a brand name, and future RoboCop films would continue to disgrace the classic film that came before it.

Stormy P (fr) wrote: i absolutly loved this movie even at a young age i am older now and still find it incredibly entertaining!

Scott C (us) wrote: Very memorable. I wonder if it holds up.

Calyre Z (ru) wrote: "La coccinelle Mexico"

Jonathan B (mx) wrote: Made towards the end of the era that bought us loads of worthy historical biopics, this feels like a proper rainy Sunday afternoon movie. Whilst the subject of the English Civil War and the personalities of Oliver Cromwell and Charles I should produce a tense and engaging backdrop, the pace is lethargic and the battles poorly realised making for a somewhat leaden tale, riddled with historical inaccuracies.The cast is made up of the great and the good from the British movie industry of the time but the acting seems detached and lacking in passion, especially from Richard Harris as Cromwell who seems to lack the zeal and conviction that the role called for, perhaps he was a secret Royalist? Alec Guinness is charming rather than regal and I've seen the Sealed Knot give far more convincing reenactments of Civil War confrontations down the local park on a summer Bank Holiday than are on display here.Never the less, this movie passes the time and serves a purpose, if only to send the viewer scuttling away to the history books to find out what battles are missing and which bits are wrong. This is a story much in need of a modern remake in order to giver a truer, dare I say, 'warts and all' portrait of Cromwell and his times but sadly, I don't think that there is an audience for such a venture.

Hannah L (ru) wrote: Betcha didn't know Mickey Rourke did the soundtrack & Tupac was in MENSA.

Gabriel R (nl) wrote: Could have saved an hour if they cut out all the staring at each other to increase the tension otherwise its a great movie.

Joey L (au) wrote: First of all great family movie. i feel like its similar to cheaper by the dozen, but at the same time its not. It has romance, humor, and really shows the inside of a big family.