House Broken

House Broken

In order to enjoy his retirement, a father takes drastic measures to get his twentysomething, slacker sons to move out and fend for themselves.

In order to enjoy his retirement, a father takes drastic measures to get his twentysomething, slacker sons to move out and fend for themselves. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Peace L (jp) wrote: So creepy! Watched this movie 10 times and still get freaked out by it. Great cast!

Timm S (ag) wrote: The Performance By Gandolfini Wins It All Here. A Semi-Reprise Of His Sopranos Character Archatype, The Presence He Creates Is Fantastic. The Rest Of The Cast Just Try To Lamely Fill The Gaps.

Shawn W (fr) wrote: The plot for The Fix is in need of some repair. A businessman invests into a struggling country music group that plays picnics to use their bus to transport cocaine. Replacement Duke of Hazzard Coy stars. Needed more cohesiveness.

Sergio V (mx) wrote: a very profound movie about beautiful people. a must-watch

Rachel S (jp) wrote: i had this movie i wonder where it is.

Philippe L (mx) wrote: Kakogiannis did very well with this film. It flowed well and made it very easy to become absorbed in the plot. The intense close ups were a little melodramatic, but overall it was edited well. I enjoyed the barebones interpretation of a great Greek tragedy.

Henry W (es) wrote: The ultimate bigfoot movie

Brandon S (br) wrote: "The Undertaker and His Pals" 1966, color, 63 minutes. This is a strange movie. Its a comedy and a slasher/gore movie that uses an old timey, slap-stick, and site gags style of comedy. But its not like "Dead-Alive", a good comedy/gore movie btw, because the slap-stick doesnt revolve around the gore. The movie is a little light on the laughs though; maybe it would have been better if they had cranked up the comedy and made it like an Abbott and Costello movie, except with murder and cannibalism.Its a good, bad movie. It has a low production value(very fake looking gore), a simplistic story, dumb dialog, and a slow pace. It is kind of funny though, I laughed a couple of times, and the strangeness factor might make it rewatchable. But I also found the movie disturbing. To me it seems like a sadistic fantasy film. Women are chased, whipped, stabbed, impaled, dismembered, and eaten. A man is dissolved in acid, but I guess that is all pretty common in slasher films.SPOILERAn undertaker and his two friends are serial killers and motorcycle enthusiasts. Apparently the Undertaker owns his own funeral home, and the two friends run a diner called The Greasy Spoon. At night the three dress in black leather and take their bikes out looking for a victim. Sometimes they choose a victim at random by riding to a phone booth, doing two or three circles in the parking lot, then one going in the booth and pointing at a name in the phone book. Other times they pick someone who cirticized them or complained. The corpse is dismembered at the place of murder. The torso is left but the legs and other parts are taken back to the Greasy Spoon where they are used for meat and served to an unsuspecting public. The Undertaker makes sure to get out to the crime scene bright and early to peddle his services. He is an hearse chaser. The Undertaker makes money by burying the victim, and the other two get free meat for their restaurant. I know what you're thinking, the oldest scheme in the book.Keep in mind all these characters are like characters you'd find in a Laurel and Hardy movie. One of the pals gets a pie in the face, his own pie, thrown by a customer, right there in the diner. I wonder if they killed that old guy. The movie never shows them doing anything to him. They killed a woman just because she said she was having hunger pains. Maybe they are only into killing women, or maybe they just couldnt get the guy because of other customers or something. Or maybe they thought an old guy's meat would be too tough and stringy to serve, even for the low standards of the Greasy Spoon.A ladies-man, private eye has an office located above The Greasy Spoon, and it so happens that the murderous trio bag two of the Detective's women in just a couple of days. Then as the three are leaving with flesh from their latest victim they are discovered by two women: friends of the victim. One has a gun and at fires at the trio as they escape. As she fires she thrusts her hips forwards. I dont think they teach people to shoot that way. Hip thrusting is not part of marksmanship. Maybe its a sexual thing, like she's saying "Yeah, you'll take every load I fire at you." However, she does manage to shoot the liscense plate off the Undertaker's bike and graze his neck. The cops find the plate and it busts the case wide open. When the Detective comes to question them the Undertaker throws a homemade bomb at him, apparently killing the Detective. I think all three murderers get killed but I cant remember what happens to one of them. Some Orsen Welles looking guy gets the surviving girl. The movie ends with pretty women rising from coffins, other actors rising from the dead, and a woman pretending to eat a hamburger.

Jonty B (fr) wrote: Unbelievably average and disjointed story with even more dubious history than the first 300 but cracking slow mo swordfights. Entertaining enough just don't go out your way to watch it.