House by the River

House by the River

Louis Hayward stars as a wealthy man who tries to seduce the family maid. She resists, and he kills her. Long jealous of his brother Lee Bowman, Hayward does his best to pin the blame for the murder on his sibling. Also affected by Hayward's arrogant dementia is his long-suffering wife Jane Wyatt. Originally, director Lang had proposed that the unfortunate maid be a black woman, but was over ruled

A deranged writer murders a maid after she resists his advances. The writer engages his brother's help in hiding the body, and then watches as the brother becomes the prime suspect. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Steve S (ag) wrote: * (out of four) Poor family scarfest about a boy who can't go out on Halloween because he has to babysit for a family. The house turns out to be haunted. Silly and unscary.

Matthieu Eric M (us) wrote: What a f****** obscene movie and protagonist. And I'm not talking about the sex scene, but his way of pushing obvious boundaries of manner. Not only that, but the main character is a total selfish douche.

Danny S (kr) wrote: "Better Luck Tomorrow" 10 Scale Rating: 7.0 (Good) ...A group of bored Asian high school students venture into a life of petty crime and get hooked on it. Starting with selling the answers to tests, they eventually degenerate into theft, drugs, violence and murder. Well done. I was intrigued from start to finish and while the ending was a little weak, I was not disappointed. Part crime film, part high school film you are easily drawn into the plot and can't help but want to see the outcome. You can also tell from the first ten minutes that this was all going to end very badly for them. Heh. Early on, it was hard to get into a few of the characters ... but they come around. Aside from John Cho, there are no recognizable names and it was refreshing to see new faces in a film."Better Luck Tomorrow" shows us that you don't need a massive budget to make a decent film.

Paul D (ca) wrote: It had a decent premise but I did not enjoy this as much as I was hoping to. Nicolas Cage was exceptionally awful in this and I could not buy Kathleen Turner as a "teenager". It's not a total loss because it does give up a few laughs, but I didn't love it.

Denise D (fr) wrote: I recently had the privilege of watching this film in the presence of Tavernier himself when it was shown at the 2013 John Ford Film Symposium in Dublin. The film was shown at the Lighthouse Cinema in Dublin. I was so impressed with the plot, the live-recorded music and the way the film was filmed that it has inspired me to check out another of Tavernier's works - Deathwatch and continue to review his work. As I said to Tavernier after the screening 'Merci beaucoup' for such an enjoyable film all round.

Matthew L (ru) wrote: This is probably one of Pacino's best movies and every time I see that it is on, I make sure to watch it. Add Alan King and Dyan Cannon in and some pretty funny parts and the movie is underrated. It shows Pacino in a different light and some of his lines are priceless. the storyline is unique as well with Tuesday Weld leaving Pacino for another man and him having to juggle 5 kids from different marriages and trying to write a hit Broadway play. You never heard too much about this movie but even the kids are funny. Great movie!

Jen M (kr) wrote: It took a long time to get into the movie, but some of the parts were very powerful.

Jonathan W (us) wrote: The plot is too simple. But it's a good early war film nonetheless.

Ralph R (ru) wrote: Don "the Dragon" Wilson got his moniker after pulling up his pants with a long strand of toilet paper caught in them. Erik Estrada commented on how he looked like a dragon, so Wilson lung-kicked him in the groin. He then spit on an onion to show how tough he is. His movies are delightful.

Kim B (kr) wrote: The most gangster cop movie i think ive ever seen. Clint eastwood plays a terrific hardass hero who doesnt give a shit what other ppl think. It shows how hard cops jobs are esp when politics come into play. Movie moves fast and it mostly a cat and mouse chasing game btw cop and murderer. I liked the suspenseful jazz score and how the movie was edited to be quick and smooth. Also u could totally feel a cool 70s vibe from this film. Movie isnt esp grand as far as plot and its cliches but btw the style, acting and directing its pretty good. Now i know where that famous line "do u feel lucky punk?" Comes from.