House Hunting

House Hunting

Two families go to an open house and can't leave

Two families find they can't leave while visiting a real-estate open house. Stuck in purgatory, they are haunted by the home's former owner, who declares only one clan will be able to call the house their home. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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House Hunting torrent reviews

Greg W (it) wrote: ok comedy but i didn't find it very funny

Adrian E (jp) wrote: Cuts right to the cute little cuticles of the debate: the humans on either side of the wall.

Bas v (it) wrote: American Violet is a powerful portrayal of the "bugs" in the criminal justice system. The movie focuses on a true story that happened in Texas, but the sad thing is: its like that everywhere (as do the stats at the end tell you).Unfortunately I found the way people are treated by governmental agencies very recognizable. You're guilty until proven innocent. And unfortunately pleading guilty is (awkwardly enough) the "easy way" out...Impressive.

Arslan K (ag) wrote: I knew it! Bollywood cannot come up with any good ideas! All they do is steal!

Augusto C (br) wrote: i like this movie! i think ESPN have to make a female hockey league. That would be awesome! lol

Eliabeth C (es) wrote: Great movie. Tear jerker though.

Olek G (nl) wrote: Are you kidding me! This was my child-hood sensation! It was corny as hell and idealistic, you can't judge it expecting adults to like it! Prove me wrong but I'm sure this is directed for a VERY young audience

Jayme m (ca) wrote: THIS MOVIE IS INSANE.

Ian H (it) wrote: Tragic. Absolutely terrible.

John B (it) wrote: Not exactly a heart warming Christmas story. This is one to not share with the kiddies. Will it Snow for Christmas takes something wrenching and succeeds in making it meaningful for the audience.

David A (it) wrote: (from The Watermark 11/23/96) A semi-fictional story about the famous 1969 riots which helped begin the modern gay movement, Stonewall is both thought-provoking and entertaining. A young gay midwesterner moves to Greenwich Village to be free to express his sexuality. But all he finds is a plethora of gay clubs that are constantly terrorized and raided by the police. He becomes romantically involved with a drag queen, and joins a political committee which is forming to promote equal rights for homosexuals. The organization has strict rules about conservative appearance and visibility which make him feel he must turn away from his bangled boyfriend if he wants to pursue The Cause. It is a familiar love story that puts a nice personal spin on an important piece of our history. It then adds a cute dimension of fun by punctuating the plot points with drag queens lip-synching obscure 1960's girl tunes. Not only does it stand as dramatic documentation of how far our movement has come, Stonewall is also an eye-opening reminder of how much farther we need to go, and how we will never achieve our goals without unifying our own community.

Jeffrey M (it) wrote: A really cool film starring Michael Madsen and Patricia Arquette about the mob and being a part of them. A very entertaining film and a great cast also starring Seymour Cassel.

Tim S (ru) wrote: As sharp and bright as his suits and shoes.

gary t (gb) wrote: well umn just seen this movie 4 the 1st time n think that this is a good movie 2 watch...its got a good cast of actors/actressess throughout this movie....i think that tony franciosa, raquel welch, richard briers, ronald fraser, anthony franciosa, elizabeth ercy, greta chi play good roles/parts throughout this movie.....i think that the director of this action/adventure/drama/spy/thriller movie had done a good job of directing this movie because you never know what 2 expect thorughout this movie its a really good 1960's movie 2 watch its got a good cast throughout this movie....its a good movie 2 watch

Joe S (fr) wrote: has to be one of old grants worst movies maybe its his leading lady

Joseph T (fr) wrote: Sat through the whole thing. I don't know how.

Veronique K (it) wrote: jean harlow's notorious sex farce in the 30s that originally enraged the moral code...(barbara stanwyck's "baby face" was released next year. all tales about material girl climing toward wealth by sex ) i discussed in "baby face" review. the femme fatale stereotype is "gluttonish sensuality and sex appeal" which is attributed to red-headed woman....she's utterly mercenary and she would not pull back once she's determined to claim what she desires...once her appetite is tickled, she wants more and more and more..the loothole of greed could never be fulfilled....always un-content and un-grateful, and her misdemeanor is purely out of avarice. (bad without a cause.)..stanwyck's babyface utilizes men more out of a revengeful hatred toward their exploitations...generally red-headed woman is a flat character for comic relief without the grim complexity of stanwyck's babyface. unlike babyface which could be deemed as a social satire about a ghetto girl's eager angst to clander to the top in search of power, harlow's reddish circe is more like a ridicule of sex such as the scene she's trapped in the phonebooth and the absurd connotation of sadism & masochism as harlow remarks "do it again! i like it!!!" when the man slaps her facecheek...the first 30 mins, she illuminates her lecherous glitter to pierce audience's eyesight...miss harlow's wardrobe looks its best as the red-headed woman is still on wrong side of the track, later the glamour of flashy ornament is a bit redundant. it offers what the audience wants, it serves you with a shamelessly joyful happy ending for the bad girl to get her way. in a nutshell, jean harlow definitely gratify your mental libido with pleasurable orgasm, then she incarnates into sex itself.

Jamie C (ru) wrote: Not as good as the first Superman/Batman animated film but it was good to see Darkseid onscreen even if he's made weaker than I expected, The story was good but it focused too much on Supergirl as this film was kind of used as a origin story for her which maybe should of been done for her own animated movie and for for me it dragged at times, It had some pretty fun action scenes but that's all it has that the kids will like.