House IV

House IV

Roger Cobb (William Katt) is killed in a car accident. His family must move into the house that has haunted him for several years. Soon the family begins to experience scary and unexplained phenomena.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:94 minutes
  • Release:1992
  • Language:English
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:fire,   wheelchair,   house,  

Roger Cobb (William Katt) is killed in a car accident. His family must move into the house that has haunted him for several years. Soon the family begins to experience scary and unexplained phenomena. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Justin B (ca) wrote: The T&A and gratuitous gore can still delight but the story takes a bizarre and off-putting turn in a franchise run into the ground long ago.

Archibald T (it) wrote: One night in a Vancouver bar, A hooker meets a man in a hoodie. She goes off with him for an obvious rendezvous. Others at the bar that night consist of two girls: Junkie, a singer of the rock n' roll variety with a drug habit and Badass, simply a badass girl. What starts off as a slightly incoherent mess for like the first 10 minutes turns out to be much, much more than I expected.The next morning Badass awakes and we discover she has an identical twin sister named Geek. Both are played by the Soska Sisters. Sylvia plays Badass and Jen plays Geek. Junkie stayed over night and needs a fix, but Geek needs to pick someone up from her youth group. A Goody Two Shoes guy whose name in the film is just that. Goody Two Shoes. This odd couple of the four of them can't get along to well.That is until they find a Dead Hooker in the back of Badass's Trunk. This sparks immediate suspicion from Geek who thinks that Junkie and her sister Badass killed the Hooker. Nothing could be further from the truth. As the film dwindles along in crazy misadventures, we start to see the damaged goods that Badass carries around in her psyche.Along time ago, she witnessed her father kill their mother and in return, at a young age, picked up the gun that was used to shoot her mother and began to shoot her father as revenge. That moment has pretty much stayed with the twins. Especially Badass. There's one scene in particular which I think shows that the Soska Sisters have a great eye for direction. It's when they kidnap a suspected serial killer who they think killed the hooker and they begin to torture and dismember him. Sounds awful I know, but the sounds of the Beach Boys 'You Still Believe In Me' playing in the background simply adds more to the macabre, but also to the sentiment of when these two girls must've done the same thing to their father. I thought that was kind of unsettling, but deep in equal measure.The foursome try as hell to get rid of the Dead Hooker in the Trunk, but at the same time they want to know who the hell killed her. It turns into a crazy mystery with hardly any idea of where to begin. Of course when you have a dead hooker in the trunk the killer will soon find you instead in the end.This is the Soska sisters first film debut and they have a great eye for direction. You can clearly see they have a love for cinema and for horror movies. In elementary school they read Stephen King novels for which their mother kept a huge collection of and, by permission from their parents of course, would try to convince their parents to let them rent certain horror movies.It would be the film 'El Mariachi' that would inspire them. Thanks to a book by Robert Rodriguez which taught them how to make a film using creative means. They would then set out to make a no budget Grindhouse flick. So far they show great potential and I can't wait for what they plan on doing next.Overall, when you have a Dead Hooker In A Trunk just do what Ben Affleck does call Matt Damon. He'll take care of it.

Peter K (br) wrote: Nothing to write home about. The acting wasn't great and I never felt any tension or danger for the main character. What do you expect from a made for tv movie? The only reason to watch this is Dina Meyer. ;-)

Rhys Q (gb) wrote: Despite not being one of my favourite Godzilla films, it still is a cool movie with some brilliant scenes and hilarious dialogue. Now i normally watch the original Japanese dub with subs on, but for some reason the dvd i have only has the english dub. But i guess that gave us great lines like "Great Caesars ghost". and "It'll go through Godzilla like crap through a goose". Also, Orga is a pretty interesting Kaiju with his strange origin and Snake mouth. Overall, this is a fun entry In the series and worth a watch

Terri H (gb) wrote: No thankyou - Not interested

David S (au) wrote: The film may be a series of broad brush strokes of Chaplin's life but as an introduction to the man and his work this is a great place to start. The whole thing is held together by a brilliant performance from Downey Jnr, playing Chaplin convincingly at different stages of his life. I don't think this was recognised enough at the time and although he was nominated for an Oscar I feel there's a strong case for him winning it. As Chaplin gets older more make-up is applied to Downey Jnr but even under all that he still convinces as the character. You only have to look at a film like 'J Edgar' to see how difficult it is to maintain a realistic performance under a lot of make-up (they didn't achieve it) and all I can think of is that Downey Jnr suffered from the poor plotting of the film. However that shouldn't have taken away from his achievement in the role.Downey Jnr is supported by a starry cast and the period feel is brilliantly recreated by Attenborough. Top that off with a moving score by John Barry and you have a film I will enjoy returning to again and again.

James J (us) wrote: The movie that I watched was called "Problem Child". I really liked the movie, in fact, this is one of my favorite movies I've ever watched. It's about a little boy named Junior, who was in an orphanage full of priests, and he always wrote letters to the Bowtie Killer. Junior was adopted by Ben and Flo Healy, and Big Ben lived with the Healy family. Junior was not a nice person, but it was kind of funny to me because he would be sneaky and do sneaky things to certain people. For example, he destroyed his own room and ruined a little girl's birthday party because he was just a bad person, he wanted to be like the Bowtie Killer. So I really enjoyed this movie and I could watch it again.

Marko T (mx) wrote: Hyv elokuva kuntosaliohjaajaan rakastuvasti toimittajasta, joka mokaa asian. Mutta lopussa huomataan kuinka asiat ovat todellisuudessa

Arun A (ru) wrote: Quentin Tarantino has listed this as his favorite movie of all time....

Michael G (au) wrote: Lighthouse keeper will always stick with me

Laterus L (ru) wrote: Not a good watch, time waster.. Lots of dull moments.

Kadeem S (mx) wrote: Any number of bad movies can be quite as terrible as Madonna's acting career. I saw Body of Evidence on demand and yep, this movie is hilariously awful. Poor William Dafoe decided to cast alongside Marge and the fact that the great Julianne Moore is in the movie. However, there's a lot of sex in this movie. Too bad the MPAA should've been given a first NC-17 wide release, but that didn't happen (that belong to the so-bad-its-good cult classic Showgirls). I just wished horny men might've read Playboy instead of watching an inexcusable Basic Instinct rip-off. I commited to this day as Body of Evidence stands as the worst, if not, the most Hated movies of the 1990's.

Brandon W (de) wrote: Charlie Wilson's War is a comedy-drama film, directed by the late Mike Nichols which this is his last film that he directed, and it's about Congressman Charlie Wilson that saw what happened in Afghanistan, and so he going to do whatever it takes to make Operation Cyclone happen. Since I reviewed most of Aaron Sorkin's film that he wrote, it'll make since for me to review this movie, and since this is Mike Nichols's last film, at least he went off with a bang. The story of it is really well told and it shows the progression of how far it needed to go in order to finish the war. Tom Hanks usually gives a great performance, and this is no exception. Julia Roberts is also really good in this, and so is the late Philip Seymour Hoffman, who is one of the best parts of the film, and definitely deserved a nomination for an Oscar. The writing by Aaron Sorkin is very great as he really know how to create very developed characters, write in interesting conversations that I'll understand, and investing arguments that I always like to hear from Aaron Sorkin's script. The direction by Mike Nichols is really good, and the film does get the audience interested and wanting to know more about not only the story, but also the characters. Charlie Wilson's War is a fantastic film that has humor, heart, and an interesting story with riveting dialogue.

Lucas M (nl) wrote: Toni Collette and Rachel Griffiths give impersive performances in Muriel's Wedding. The film itself has an intriguing beginning with a nice ending that ties it together. Unfortunately, there's very little in between.

Joel A (ru) wrote: A confronting & powerful film about a gentle & simple man recently released from a Mental Institution for a murder he committed when he was a boy.The film was acted too perfection by Billy Bob Thorton who directed & wrote the film also, although it's not fast paced it's gripping & genuinely engaging southern gothic fable.The film just mounts & mounts for a chilling conclusion, it's a masterclass film & well worth watching.

Joe C (es) wrote: I think there are some pretty cool moments that happen throughout the this film. However, the over abundance of CGI (heavily dated now I might add), and poor efforts at comic relief make this star wars movie cringe worthy to watch in its entirety. When I start the star wars saga, it usually has this movie removed. One day I plan to make my own edit of this movie into about 30 minutes of the material I enjoy.

Jackson P (gb) wrote: Another good Matthew Broderick film

Austin D (jp) wrote: This is original as hell, but it could have been better in many places. The acting wasn't very well but the characters were enjoyable and the story was fantastic. I thought it was new and weird enough to be good and I was right3.5/5