House of Cards

House of Cards

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Leschenhaut and Morillon are trying to organize a plot to overthrow the French government and set up a new fascist organization. Their plans are interrupted by Davis, an American boxer, ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Adrian B (nl) wrote: Pretty gruesome in places but this doesn't make for a good horror without a good story and acting.

Greg C (ca) wrote: this is one of those topics that no one really wants to think about in terms of how close we've come and still are. i could do without the floating tennis ball and grapefruit by JFK's quote about "accident, miscalculation or madness" will hold true until we have zero nukes

Dale R (ru) wrote: surprisingly good, but nothing amazing

Terry K (ru) wrote: Terrific film on every dimension: great performances from all the cast, terrific cinematography, and a story worth telling about Gandhi that is relatively unknown - Gandhi as father and family man.

Dick Leaky (au) wrote: Campy B-movie sci-fi horror!

John S (fr) wrote: A rather scathing Lance Armstrong story - what a surprise.Starting off with Armstrong's introduction to the holy grail of cycling, Le Tour de France, "The Program" wastes little time developing character, but instead jumps cannonball style into the chemical pool. It's very simple poetry: to compete, you have to cheat; and young Lance hops on board. The rest is well documented history: a brutal fight with testicular cancer, a miraculous recovery, some balls jokes, seven Tour victories, cancer foundation glory, millions of dollars, the fall from grace, the end.Telling nothing we don't know, "The Program" relies on documenting the most sensational scandal of sports doping history in a methodical, well-paced manner. And as juicy as the story may be, the film fails to generate anything in way of sympathy, outrage or tension. We don't really get to know who the hell Lance Armstrong is, where he came from, how he compared with his chief rivals (Jan Ullrich is not even mentioned), and what his personal life was like (we see a quick marriage and glimpses of kids, but nothing else)."The Program" is so Lance centered that it lives and dies with its lead. Ben Foster does an admirable job as the stoic cyclist, but his deadpan performance is as lifeless as Armstrong's public persona. There is never any depth revealed, nor hinted at.Recommended for those not familiar with the crazy tale, if such an audience exists.- hipCRANK

Paul J (it) wrote: An early "art" sci-fi film from Cronenberg. It's relatively short but painfully pretentious. Still, certain moments are quite hysterical.

Spenser P (kr) wrote: this movie looks wonderful. i must see it.

Emily M (ru) wrote: One of the most predictable movies I have ever seen. And stupid. Let's not forget stupid.

Ben L (de) wrote: Apt Pupil is a movie about a teen who is deeply obsessed with the Holocaust to the point where he's willing to blackmail a former Nazi officer into helping him understand just how much fun genocide can be. Wait, you think I'm kidding? Nope, that is exactly what happens. Then just to add to the craziness of this story, they spend an hour and a half trying to convince us to worry that this insane boy might get caught. There is a grain of an idea in Apt Pupil that is actually interesting. Watching a boy slowly become corrupted and then manipulated by the amazing Ian McKellen could work. The boy's journey into madness would make for a great film, and it would really be impactful if he was driven to kill in that story. I'm confident that was kind of the intent of this movie, but it just didn't quite succeed in that endeavor. I'll expound on why this fails in a moment, but first I have to look at what I did like in the movie. Ian McKellen is superb. He adds depth to his depiction of this old retired Nazi, and that makes it really interesting when he starts to revert back to his dark past. I also like all the roadblocks they put in the way of young Todd. It does manage to amp up some tension when you think at any moment this whole thing could blow up in his face.The big misstep of Apt Pupil is the portrayal of Todd Bowden. I'm not sure how much of this is to blame on Brad Renfro's acting and how much falls on the writers, but Todd is a completely unsympathetic character. Basically from the first scene he is drooling over his obsession with the Holocaust. He is so insane, that he actually makes me feel bad for the ex-Nazi war criminal! There is no motive provided for why he is so obsessed, and there needs to be for him to be considered a protagonist in this movie. A good scriptwriter would have me worried that this nice young boy is straying to the dark side, instead in Apt Pupil we have a young boy who seems to already be perfectly content on the dark side and he's just looking for a mentor to help him go a little further. The gift-giving scene is unintentionally hilarious because this boy is suddenly to the extreme of barking out orders like Hitler. Why is this boy so messed up? Now that story would make for a better movie. It's also worth mentioning that casting David Schwimmer as a guidance counselor is a great way to completely take me out of a film. The moment he opens his mouth I'm wondering why Ross suddenly grew a Borat-stache and is going by the name Mr. French. I don't think Apt Pupil is a terrible film, it has a decent amount of entertainment for 2 hours, but it severely lacks in the story-telling department. If you haven't seen it, I'd probably recommend you avoid wasting your time unless you have a big Ian McKellen obsession.

Dann M (de) wrote: Delivering plenty of laughs, InAPPropriate Comedy is outrageously hilarious (and a bit offensive). Rotating between a series of sketches, such as The Amazing Racist, Black-Ass, and Flirty Harry, the film pushes the boundaries of racial and sexual humor. While some of the comedy crosses a line, a lot of it is over-the-top hysterical. Additionally, the cast features some good comedic talent, including Lindsay Lohan, Adrien Brody, Rob Schneider, and Michelle Rodriguez. InAPPropriate Comedy will definitely offend, but the ridiculousness of it all makes it kind of funny as well.

Yoshi S (br) wrote: Fantastic! Director's Cut was really cool and easy to understand the story. Clive Barker (Hellraiser) wrote and directed the movie, and he created great horror movie! Veteran movie director David Cronenberg performed very important character and he was really cool! Craig Sheffer and Anne Bobby did nice performance too. Music by Danny Elfman! His score was like Batman and Darkman! I loved it! But he doesn't write the music like that anymore... So many monsters and creatures were in this movie and I really loved it! Anyway I had a great time!

Vince K (br) wrote: Hilarious. Don't listen to critics review comedies. It's literally a different category.