House of Death

House of Death


  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:91 minutes
  • Release:1932
  • Language:Russian
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:based on novel,  

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House of Death torrent reviews

Greg W (us) wrote: ok another prison pic like 'green mile' '20,000 years in sing sing"

Al H (au) wrote: A Texas massacre in the woods. Nothing original.

Ahmad J (fr) wrote: Maybe not as good as its predecessors, but still enjoyable!

Kyle L (jp) wrote: Woah!! this movie really captures the feeling as it is being 12 years old... it was very well put together! And it had a kid named kyle!! A big plus for me.

Marloes G (br) wrote: I watched it a lot when the dvd first came out. It's too childish for me now though.

bill s (mx) wrote: I really checked out of this series years before this installment but my dumb ass couldn't leave well enough alone.

Martin T (ru) wrote: A touching Soviet film that's light on propoganda and big on heart. Excellent photography (Alyosha reuniting with Shura at the railroad overpass is stunning), I sensed a heavy Eisenstein influence in the way the characters were often shot in profile, low angle, staggered perspective. The hero of the story is a little too perfect for my tastes, though.

Diana W (us) wrote: I love this on so many levels. Christmas Computer connection Clever Sexisim Sexy Hey...guys and dolls, this was the way women were back in the day, and sadly may I state...that we haven't come a long way baby. Perhaps in portrayal, but not in reality! True feminism has fled, women have merely adopted all of man's worst characteristics as badges of freedom, when in fact they are simply bad/poor and dehumanizing behaviours! Women continue to posterize themselves as sexual objects and men quietly under the table continue to take advantage, fully knowing that they are only giving lip service to equality. on a soapbox...sorry! This film does epitomize the disparity between men and women in the work place & the world of love. Sadly...I must state that I worked at an office in the year 2006 that was no different than this movie depicts. Out of 50 employees, only a woman was the eqal to 25 men who had large windowed offices while all of the secretaries, hiding behind the new term executive assistants continue to earn less and dress less for their men. The women were subservient in every way, but to me nost notably was the sexual attire which has become professional dress. Sorry gals, the men are loving it, not giving you more prestige, money or positions, no...they are maintaining the white good ol' boys world and women, young girls are indulging them. Loose the strappy stileto shoes and slit dresses for work. Men do not encumber their bodies for women, never! If men had to wear bras, they would have never been invented!

Murder C (nl) wrote: An alien spaceship crashes in the woods of a american national park and when some mosquitoes begin to suck the blood from the aliens they become big mutated killer mosquitoes that hunts down the people visiting the park. Cheesy and pretty fun horror movie with some decent special effects. Entertaining to watch, but nothing memorable. Still worth seeing if you don't mind some cheesy lines and bad acting. (And if you are a fan of "The Texas Chainsaw Massacre" you will love to see Gunnar 'Leatherface' Hansen use a chainsaw again).

Daniel D (au) wrote: Entertaining 80s Teen Flick. A bit better than Weird Science imo.