House of Dracula

House of Dracula

A scientist working on cures for rare afflictions, such as a bone softening agent made from molds to allow him to correct the spinal deformity of his nurse, finds the physical causes of lycanthropy in wolf-man Larry Talbot and of vampirism in Count Dracula, but himself becomes afflicted with homicidal madness while exchanging blood with Dracula.

Count Dracula and the Wolf Man seek a cure for their afflictions; a hunchbacked woman, a mad scientist and the Frankenstein monster have their own troubles. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Stephen M (it) wrote: I don't know what this mishmash garbage of a film was.... but this was not Gatchman unless it was a trick just to get fans to watch it... then it 'got ya' sucka... skip it

Melissa H (ru) wrote: This movie is charming and hilarious. Great music, production, and Rani is perfect in it. It's a great vehicle for her sweet, spunky, strong, and comedic acting. Shahid Kapoor is one of the best dancers in Bollywood, IMO, and there's good chances to see him move here. Highly recommended.

Jessica L (nl) wrote: A very unique film, although one I didn't get to see the beginning of. What I did see was actually really well done and imaginative. It was interesting to see a movie with Medusa and the Minotaur being good characters.

Harry W (br) wrote: Pre-Twilight, Post-Buffy blend of smouldering stares, campy "gothic" chills and an immense craving for unintentional cringe comedy, the late R&B singer Aaliyah stars as "Queen of the Damned" Akasha, who appears more Queen of the Desert than anything, like a female Frank N' Furter in a crown having to tread heavily through the soggy dialogue - the novel is good, the film isn't - and Stuart Townshend doesn't do much to help her out either...except glare. The film is more a blurry and strange orgy of weirdness, and not the good kind.

Phillip H (nl) wrote: Hilarious old comedy with some of the best lines ever.

RA L (nl) wrote: Lo que logra Fassbinder mediante la creatividad de su composicin es nada menos que elevar lo vulgarmente narcisista a un sincero homenaje a la creacin artstica (y a la vida, por extensin). / What Fassbinder accomplishes though the creativity of his composition is nothing less than elevating the vulgar and narcissistic to a sincere homage to artistic creation (and to life, by extension).

Martin T (nl) wrote: Pasolini's neutrality towards the characters here is refreshing: few of them are saints, but most of them have some redeeming qualities, and the viewer is invited to empathize without judging them. Though Accattone is kind of a lazy scumbag, we also feel how the environment of poverty, hunger and unemployment contributes to his status. The tone is somewhat neo-realist without the more tedious trappings of the genre, and manages to keep the situations and characters interesting throughout.

Samuel M (kr) wrote: Como se nota que est pelcula est producida con el dinero de Scorsese y el director de "Infernal Affairs"; porque durante todo el visionado no te vas a poder quitar la idea de la cabeza de que se trata de una especie de copia de dicha pelcula, "Uno de los nuestros", y otras obras relacionadas.No tiene porque ser necesariamente malo, pero en este caso es una sensacin tan constante que distrae. Lo malo es que el trabajo interpretativo de sus actores est tan lejos de las obras mencionadas que duele. Ni siquiera Ray Liotta est aprovechado, y eso que podra haber sido una interesante adicin al reparto, e incluso referencia metacinematogrfica.La historia es como una mezcla de "Uno de los nuestros" e "Infiltrados", pero adems con mucho descaro, pero al menos su protagonista es lo suficientemente carismtico como para que te tenga interesado.No es que sea una mala pelcula, pero la sensacin de "he visto esto antes y mejor" es tan grande que impide el disfrute.

Adam R (es) wrote: An interesting but bittersweet film that will toy with your emotions. I've never seen better acting from Nicolas Cage. (First and only viewing - 9/12/2014)