House of Flying Arrows

Professional dart throwers compete in the world championship tournament.

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Users reviews

Bily T (ru)

5 out of 10 not a terrible movie but is not a good movie if you want to watch it I'd give it at least one watch before giving your own thoughts on it. I give How to Train Your Dragon a 7. Now if I would recommend you watching it or not is a really hard thing to think about I mean if you are a fan of DreamWorks you can give it a shot, fans of Dragons in general can have a go, any fans of the original book the film is based on they can have a shot too but if anyone is not those kind of people then this isn't the movie for you. Now that I've now finally have seen all the 2010 DreamWorks animated films I have to say that I find Megamind as my favourite from DreamWorks that year How to Train Your Dragon is in the middle and Shrek forever after is the worst from the year. Another problem is that not all the jokes were that funny I mean there are some funny jokes but not all of them hit my mark like how they should do but they just don't and I don't get that. But problems with the film is that the story is a bit cliched I mean not all of the film has cliches but most of the time there was some cliched. This film has a good story not DreamWorks good but just good, a good set of characters, a great set of cast members, as always for DreamWorks amazingly done animation, some funny jokes and a great soundtrack. How To Train Your Dragon is an okay movie I wouldn't say it's the best DreamWorks movie like what everyone says about it but it's no way the worst as they have been worse DreamWorks films before

Ching Y (ag)

This movie, as a comedy mocking at China, was exactly what they want to see. they also lived a fast-paced and stressful lies. most of them hated the Chinese government. In 1994, Hong Kong people were worrying about the handover issue. Therefore the movie became pretty plain after translation. However, the dialogue part deeply related to Hong Kong's culture and cantonese (puns and slangs). His ''Mo Lei Tau'' include chains of nonsensical, random dialogue and developments. One of the weakness of Chow's comedy is that it is extremely difficult to translate into other languages

Christopher M (gb)

There will never be a pairing of two comedians and great artist with that much chemistry and talent ever again IMO. I am obsessed with these two have been since i was about 5 years old. Dispite Pryors condition he still delivers. I was reading Wilders book and he was saying how he basically wrote this so they could do one last movie together and I am so glad I saw it. I put off watching this one for years cause I didn't want to see Pryor in the condition he was in at that point (depresses me)

George R (au)

Storyline, plot and characters played well desipite the departure from histoical fact beginning with the credits right after the title! I particulary liked Mary Howard's snood and Monument Valley's scenery was spectacular. Outstanding pre WWII movie in technicolor

Heather M (au)

Obviously, this can't be as good as "The Celluloid Closet," but it's still entertaining

James B (ag)

Still better than doing nothing for an hour and a half. Nothing special and once again Billy Bob Thornton and Seann William Scott played themselves the only thing they seem to be able to do. . . Was ok

Jamie C (es)

One of my favourite carry on films very funny not as silly, very good

Ken D (nl)

Not really surprising though as the third one was just as atrocious. this just wasn't as much fun to watch as the first two movies. The two mooning jokes were kind of funny and got a laugh, but that was it. Not funny and very bland. The movie started a little funny but went downhill very quickly

Kyle B (mx)

orrest Whitaker is also great. A funny film that relies on Robin Williams' talent to sore into greatness

nick d (de)

An amazingly well acted piece of work that is beautiful to look at with the Egyptian locations, the music and the story make this a great mystery film that everyone will enjoy!