House of Fools

House of Fools

At the psychiatric clinic Varden the attendants are mad and the inmates are sane.Norweg

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:102 minutes
  • Release:2008
  • Language:Norwegian
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:based on novel,  

At the psychiatric clinic Varden the attendants are mad and the inmates are sane. Here you find life in all it's different faces. Through 24 year old Aina we get to know the insane gang, bringing back her lust for life. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Aman A (it) wrote: This is a laugh out loud comedy with certain moments of introspection (albeit nothing great). I enjoyed this movie to its fullest. The acting was good and the script had its moments but to be honest, the story was average and the seeming twists were quite obvious. The movie should have had more to offer, but it sadly didn't. The side characters were particularly quite underdeveloped and useless. It would have been better to not include them, than pretentiously suggest they are important. The ending could have avoided all the exchanges between the father and the gay brothers and so on and so forth. Barring that, the central chemistry between "the machine" and Andrew and Hugh was outstanding. Oh, and I loved the end song. I love U2 anyway.

Erin D (gb) wrote: i don't know if this was trying to be a comedy, but it was very slow. I really wanted it to end by the time he got to the laundrette, but luckily that's where the movie picked up. luckily Pegg is very watchable. I understand that this was all psychological, but him being afraid of nothing got old quickly. happy that it picked up for the last act and the addition of Sangeet was nice.

B C (jp) wrote: A very good film, it depicted a Romania as I remember it used to be. The details were so 80s and communist that I was thinking I am re-living those times.

Priscilla G (br) wrote: I was surfing channels and came across this documentary on HBO. I was not sure I would find it interesting, but it was honestly intriguing. It not only delves into debating but also into the lack of diversity found in many institutions not just debate. However, it not only showed this inconsistency but people actually seeking to bring it to light and change it. Although it ended in a bit of a sad note, it was a good reality check.

Florence (nl) wrote: O filme uma compilao de 3 episdios:"Cherry Blossom Story": Tono Takaki (Mizuhashi) e Shinohara Akari (Kondo) conheceram-se na escola primria e tornaram-se muito prximos. Mas ela, Akari, teve de se mudar com a famlia para uma regio longe de Tquio. Os dois continuam a trocar correspondncia, e um dia Takaki que se tem de mudar - para Tagoshima, uma ilha situada no Oeste do Japo. Takaki decidi ver Akari pela ltima vez, empreendendo uma longa viagem de comboio at Tochigi."Cosmonaut": Anos depois, em Kagoshima, Sumita Kanae (Hanamura) est apaixonada por Takaki, colega dela, mas este parece ter a mente sempre num local distante. Alm de se sentir deprimida por no ser, aparentemente, correspondida, Kanae est indecisa em relao ao seu futuro, adiando a escolha do curso universitrio."5 Centimeters per Second": De volta a Tquio, Takaki, agora adulto, debate-se com melanclicas memrias do passado e entra em ruptura com as suas relaes sentimentais e laborais. Akari est em Tochigi e prepara-se para viajar. Podero os dois voltar a encontrar-se em Tquio?

Faisal M (nl) wrote: JUST ONE WORD "BAKWAS"!!!! i saw half of it and got a migraine :)

J L (kr) wrote: Muy buena bastante aterradora

Gabriel K (ru) wrote: This movie is so icy-cold, I was practically expecting the screen of my TV to freeze over. Maria Bello gives an absolutely devastating portrayal of a woman who's had it with her life. It's a tough subject matter, but the story is so well put it together, it captivates you and makes you feel for the characters, even if they are not likeable. Excellent work by first-time director, and amazing (as always) cinematography by Christopher Doyle.

Sherry L (gb) wrote: One of the most famous movies made about Jack The Ripper and the terror in London he caused some months in 1888. Johnny Depp plays Inspector Frederick Abberline (who figured in the real actual investigation). Abberline is a broken man who regularly consumes opium, which gives him "visions" about gruesome slayings of women. Mary Kelly (Heather Graham) is a beautiful irish prostitute in East End, who along with a couple of other prostituted women; Polly, Annie, Liz and Kate are being harassed by gangs who are regularly blackmailing them (we never get to know for what reason). Ann was a prostitue as well and is still friends with Mary Kelly and co. Recently she secretly married to the rich (said to be...) painter, Albert and had just had a child, Alice. Ann is suddenly kidnapped, right after having handed over her baby to Mary Kelly for a short while. Soon Ann gets lobotomized as well, in hands of "practicing" doctors. A series of bizarre and horrible murders starts to occur among Mary Kelly's friends. Inspector Adderline is put on the case, with Sgt. Peter Godley (Robbie Coltrane), and tries to get as much information as he can from the still surviving women. After resulting with the royal medical doctor, Sir William Gull (Ian Holm) Abberline starts to get an idea of which knife it's all about, but what is the motive??? It's visually very impressive, yes. But what I have a problem with is the silly "solution"... Without revealing too feels like they decided to take the silliest conspiration theories there exist about this case, fused into one. It gets a bit confusing. Johnny Depp's english accent is not as bad as you first could expect (in my opinion). Robbie brought his "cracker-character" into this part :) Way too populistic for my taste, since I guess I am a "ripperologist" myself! There actually was a time, long ago (when I was a little teenage girl:) when I really loved this movie.

Jake R (kr) wrote: One of my all time favorites. At times Brick can feel like a student film, especially with the action, but that only adds to its odd charm. Truly a one-of-a-kind film.

Phillie E (es) wrote: Didn't like it in 2001 and I'm not really a fan today, either.