House of Frankenstein

House of Frankenstein

An evil scientist and a hunchback escape from prison and encounter Dracula, the Wolf Man and Frankenstein's Monster.

An evil scientist and a hunchback escape from prison and encounter Dracula, the Wolf Man and Frankenstein's Monster. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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GG M (jp) wrote: I want 2 c this cus I luv Katy Perry an her music

Ingela A (gb) wrote: Like a Swedish but lighter and comic version of Ben X.! Where Ben X were serious and complex with excellent acting, this is a bit more predictable and a bit of overacting. Still a watchable feel-good movie which will make you laugh many times!

Cristbal S (it) wrote: Amazing and beautiful, with an excellent direction from Scorsese, "Hugo" is a magical time filled with charm and heart.

John C (ag) wrote: Good movie, worth watching.

Kristin S (kr) wrote: Great! When you watch, you feel like you're in the 60s! The surrounding and the atmosphere is perfect!

Noname (it) wrote: Perhaps a bit better than the first movie actually. Very goofy humor once again and the movie felt more well made this time but just a bit. The same actors are back aswell along with James Woods in some funny scenes. Anyway this is B comedies as much as it can be but still enjoyable flicks.

Alex B (us) wrote: Far from a flawless victory.

Geoffroy B (br) wrote: Premier film de la superbe lignee de James Gray, meme si quelques rides apparaisent l'univers sombre du grand realisateur ne ici et perdure dans tout ces films.

Augustine H (de) wrote: In terms of courtroom and prison drama regarding injustice, there are no lacks of masterpieces, like Norman Jewison's The Hurricane and Frank Darabont's The Green Mile and The Shawshank Redemption. But few are like In the Name of the Father which is telling a blatant truth without much false editing and dramatization. What's more, it's about the IRA, a dark history which is fewer and fewer mentioned in the media. Framed as terrorists for setting up the explosions, but who is the real culprit after all? Sadly, the truth is often covered by emotions, patriotism and unfounded public opinion. As long as sentiments are aroused to turn against you, you are doomed. Just come to think of it: in a situation like that, what can you do if you were in the English's shoes? If revenge and violence are not stopped, will the Conlons be ever allowed a chance to file an appeal in England? The abuse we witnessed here is still repeating after 40 years, and will persist as long as there is inequality in the world, regrettably. Regarding the acting crews, Daniel Day-Lewis gives a brilliant performance as the once rebellious adolescent turning into a mature and determined heroic figure, but Pete Postlethwaite is even better, for all the aspirations he offers as a simple, honest and kindhearted father.

Alan W (us) wrote: This is a great movie

Russell S (ag) wrote: Angela Lansbury is perfectly cast in a movie that looks and feels like an effort to recapture the magic of Mary Poppins. Athough it never quite gets there and is a little too long, it is a fun, entertaining movie in it's own right and another live action /animation crossover worthy of the Disney name.

Chi Hsin C (it) wrote: hmm not as good as i imagined or thought it would be... guess stories about upper middle class family fun loving lives never really draw my attention or been deeply touched.perhaps reading original novel will be a better idea, or my mind is just simply getting older... i wonder...

Connor G (jp) wrote: I was not expecting something as absurdist as this, but it had some scattered amusing gags.

Cole B (de) wrote: This movie was either a hit or miss and for me it was more of a miss than a hit.

Merry J (kr) wrote: This was excellent! Jamie Fox did an excellent job portraying Ray Charles.

Alex N (gb) wrote: Unconventional yet well written, Stranger Than Fiction grasps at our imagination. In this movie Will Ferrell plays Harold Crick, a man who has everything planned, and Emma Thompson plays Ana Pascal, a radical women who has more passion than plans. These stars along with Dustin Hoffman (Professor Jules Hilbert), Linda Hunt (Dr. Mittag-Leffler), Queen Latifah (Penny Escher), and Emma Thompson (Karen Eiffel) come together to create this comedy/drama. Taking place in Chicago, Illinois this comedy will keep you on your toes. Harold Crick has his life together; well, at least in his own eyes he does. He lives a life dictates by his wrist watch. but one day Harold realises that he isn't the person holding his life together when he starts hearing a strange woman's voice narrating his life. Karen Eiffel is a writer struggling with the task of killing her own creation, her character. She is under pressure from her publicist which results in the hiring of an assistant for pursuing her to get writing. Knowing he isn't insane after hearing a voice in his head, Harold seeks help from many different people including psychiatrists and doctors, but ends up finding a confidant in a literature professor, Jules Hilbert. Jules suggests to go off Harold's set story by pursuing his dreams and not following his normally mundane life. It seems like things are going not so well in Karen's life either as she struggles to write an ending to Harold's book. The editing in this movie was phenomenal. Never a dull moment existed throughout the entire play time, and this was partially due to the editing that seemed so out of place but also seemed to merge into the story perfectly. When Harold is first stunned by the voice and running late we see the letters and numbers breaking on the screen, showing with the graphics in this movie how life is but a book for Harold. The acting was something on the other hand that I was not a fan of. I believe that Will Ferrell is a brilliant actor in pure comedies but because people are used to seeing him playing very comedic roles it's hard to see him as the slightly serious yet awkward Harold Crick. All in all this film was very interesting. It is filmed and told in a way many films haven't been portrayed before and it's because of this that the viewers become interested in this real story behind Harold Crick and his wrist watch. I would give it a thumb and a half up.

Kate A (de) wrote: Pretty damn boring - it's not a good sign when your main thought during a movie is when did hottie Dave Annable start going grey?

Larry C (jp) wrote: Juno Temple is good. The movie is too dark and too long.

Charles G (br) wrote: A much-acclaimed play, but save for some excellent, witty dialogue, particularly from Burton's character, I don't see the appeal. Burton and Taylor's on-screen rapport is legendary and this film lives up to it. They feed off one another brilliantly.