House Party 2

House Party 2

Kid'N'Play leave their neighborhood and enter the world of adulthood and higher education. Play attempts to get rich quick in the music business while Kid faces the challenges of college.

When Kid's college money is stolen by a crooked music promoter, Play's solution is to stage the 'mutha' of all pajama parties. Starring Kid 'n Play and Martin Lawrence. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


House Party 2 torrent reviews

Ben M (kr) wrote: This one's pretty good.

Carlo Magno M (us) wrote: Overall liked the story. Has that 30 First Dates feel to it. Nice build-up but the ending & also some aspects of the story could need some more polishing.

Marischa B (br) wrote: they tried to hard..but it ain't the 90's anymore...If I had watched this in the 90's, man this could have been a great film, but because we have seen to many of these it isn't anything new to the table anymore and we get bored you see....Young kids under 10 will not know the difference and probably enjoy this disaster of a film, but hey at the bright side we got to see a movie from the 90's again..lets bring back Dennis the menace shall we??? Overall: D-

jarrad b (es) wrote: Made to look like a 70/80's flick which it achieves well. The acting especially by the doctor is horrible and the story is basic

Steve C (ca) wrote: I'm only giving it half a star because the site won't let me give it zero. Worst film I've ever seen. Getting to the end was an endurance test I wish I'd failed. Seriously, don't watch it, not even out of curiosity as to why I'm saying it's so appallng.

Spencer K (ru) wrote: a terrifying, disturbing, superbly eerie, atmospheric documentary film that works as a bone chilling horror film and an extremely well crafted documentary that shows that fact is truly scarier than fiction.

Robert H (gb) wrote: I am a really big fan of the original Screamers (well except the really bad CGI at the end) so when I saw this film, I had to get it. Not nearly as good as the first film with shallow characters and sloppy CGI but it's still better than most the direct to video tripe that's being put out by some studios. As much as I enjoy Greg Bryk... I didn't like him in this film. Henriksen does what he does... and he does it really well. He's the best part of the film by far. If you've seen the first film this movie does nothing to help you as it is all a rehash of stuff you've already seen. It's not suspenseful and is extremely predictable. A lot more gore than the original which was surprising. Really wish they would have gone in a different direction but it was good to get back to Screamers territory. At least the spaceship looked good this time.

Logan M (br) wrote: "A Serious Man" is hard to describe, but it is easy to get into and can best be construed as a dark and dysfunctional parable.

Kaija B (ru) wrote: In spite of the low average rating, it was actually pretty funny.

Steve C (de) wrote: I couldnt stand this film. I didnt like the acting nor the editing. I just think they could have done a better job with casting especially when casting Emmi. I did think the story was good.

Jaime R (us) wrote: Some kind of surreal western experiment.

Ibraheem M (br) wrote: Clever story adapted by Billy Wilder's Sturdy direction and featuring solid performances from the characters.

Elia G (ag) wrote: It really wasn't my thing. Although the intentions of the movie were good, it felt very disconnected.

Michelle E (kr) wrote: Not really a zombie movie. Zombies are an underlying theme, but that's about it. Not much action and rather slow and boring for most of it.

Johnny R (gb) wrote: Awesome movie!! It was action-packed, intense, and entertaining!! It had some street knowledge, thanks to Ice Cube!! The cast was terrific!! However, Ice Cube is a good action star, but Vin Diesel was better!! If you liked the first one a lot, than you might not enjoy this one as much!! If you like a good time at the movies, than you could possibly enjoy this film! The first one was way better!! This is a must-see if you want to be throughly entertained!!