House Rules for Bad Girls

House Rules for Bad Girls

Becca has just arrived back to New Hope (a girls Ranch) to find that there is a new set of rules she is going to need to follow.

Becca has just arrived back to New Hope (a girls Ranch) to find that there is a new set of rules she is going to need to follow. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Jayden C (ag) wrote: really goodmust see

Marty D (kr) wrote: Wasn`t bored and thats rare for a political movie based on a true story. Done my Taiwanese history no end of good lol

Colin T (ru) wrote: Beginning of the film held my attention, up to the point where the mansion explodes, then it was crap. I should've realised by the hard-on-the-eyes CGI that this film would be crap. Infuriating for me just to think about it from an artistic perspective. Story was boring, action scenes boring.

Kasia M (ru) wrote: Davvero un buon film. Mi aspettavo qualcosa di diverso, pi scuro, pi complicato. Molto semplice, tranquillo... beh calmo ;) positivo; che fortunatamente evitato facile sentimentalismo. Nanni Moretti - assolutamente grande, se la (in) famosa scena di sesso tra lui e Isabella Ferrari un po inutilia per me.E anche la comparsa di Roman Polanski e'stata una bella sorpresa, perch ho pensato che l'unico aspetto polacco sarebbe Kasia Smutniak camminando con il suo cane xD

Sarah H (ca) wrote: Apparently the band Neowolf is supposed to be kewl. Not really, the songs were few and not good. The college professor was making up words, I found that to be a little funny. The whole thing was left like they wanted to make a sequel about two werewolf hunters, that equals super-lame-tastic. The movie could have been worse, but seriously if I want to burst into laughter when I see one of those werewolves, it's not a good thing.

Hakim I (gb) wrote: I was so sad, so very very sad!

Jonny P (ca) wrote: "Dirty Pretty Things" is a well-acted film with a very odd plot. This bizarre story of love, illegal immigrants, and organ harvesting will keep you curious from start to finish. You really never know what might happen next in this one. The driving force behind this entire plot is Chiwetel Ejiofor in the lead role. This is the performance that brought him into the spotlight and he has continued to grow since this performance at the age of 25. He is complimented by Audrey Tautou, fresh off of her success in the critically-acclaimed "Amlie." Their meager love story is completely unmemorable, but I believe this to be the director's intention in order to keep the film's focus on the exploitation of immigrants. The entire film has a deliberately disjointed feel through its odd musical score, rapid cuts from shot to shot, and frequent moments without dialogue. The end effect is an edginess that makes the entire film feel slightly uncomfortable. The disjointedness results in a film that isn't really that "fun" to watch but it leaves an impression. "Dirty Pretty Things" is a unique film that delivers a disturbing story with an unexpectedly satisfying resolution.

Demonic N (mx) wrote: This looks really crap.

Rufio S (br) wrote: Head spinning comic book madness

Vanessa G (ag) wrote: Better than expected ... a cameo from Mr T .. and Hulk Hogan !!

HungYa L (kr) wrote: Love this true story! Really touching!

bill s (us) wrote: Forgot Selleck was in every movie in the 80's,,,,although here he should have said no.

Carol H (nl) wrote: While it does have its moments, it's a tad on the unmemorable side.

Colby H (au) wrote: I don't remember much from Quantum of Solace. It wasn't very good. After a certain incident occurred in Casino Royale, 007 must find the person responsible, a man named Dominic Greene (Mathieu Amalric) Who is doing something bad. This is a terrible villain. He has completely unclear motivation. Now guys, Casino Royale is a serious Bond film, but this is almost a throwback to the later Pierce Brosnan bond movies. It wasn't very serious, I felt as it it didn't know what it was, or what it was trying to be. Don't get me wrong, the movie had a few good scenes, but they didn't outmatch everything that was going on in the movie.Over all it wasn't terrible, but it had very little to offer. 2/5

Tasos L (ag) wrote: Pretty good film. It's inspired perhaps by "reservoir dogs" and "cube"..