Believing himself to be a jinx and bringing bad luck upon himself and others, a man attempts to find true love, but ends up in very complicated relationships.

Aarush always believes that he is the unluckiest man in the world and it is disappeared if he can find a true love. In stead of having a more beautiful life, he makes everything become complex. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Housefull torrent reviews

Donna L (br) wrote: I don't think Lifetime did such a bad job.

Ken T (us) wrote: After watching the series and left unfulfilled with its ending...I finally watch this in-betweener movie and was not impressed at all. Yes, it did answer a few questions...But it still left you empty!

Giffy G (kr) wrote: Unbelievably disturbing. I honestly didn't need to see a goat's head reassemble itself in stop motion animation, but I also will never forget the imagery. The plot was dark and macabre, but never hit hoaky. At the same time, the episodic nature of the story did hurt it a little, but I was thankful that elements that seemingly fell entirely from the narrative eventually did return at the end. It scared me, plain and simple.

Clemens H (ag) wrote: Awesome pictures; absolutely incredible.Unfortunately it's a boring movie due to the jumps from one bird group to the other without connecting them only through a commentary.Thus also all the "danger" situation seem artificial and you don't care anyway as it's just any random bird you've never seen before and never will throughout the whole movie.

Tim C (au) wrote: Never seen this, but always wanted to.

Jeff B (au) wrote: Pretty funny; some excellent and easily recognizable parodies. Also some really good original music.

Private U (jp) wrote: the worst film ever made! pure genius.

Ben T (mx) wrote: Actually pretty funny.

Ian S (it) wrote: I thoroughly enjoyed this restored version, but I can't give it a higher rating, simply because the original film was destroyed years ago.

Lenny R (fr) wrote: Good performances from Steinfeld, Turner and Alba (Sam's kinda phoning this one in) but the movie's too silly, too derivative, too predictable and not especially funny. Plus, the title comes off as sleazy, given the term it riffs on, and also implies that Megan only just meets the minimum level of competence to do her job - awesome! lame.

Martha G (au) wrote: We had a hard time caring about any of the characters, writers fault, Dakota Fanning and Emma Thompson did a good job as did Greg Wise, the story was just lacking!

Wiebke K (br) wrote: I liked parts of this very much, though the musical character started to get to me rather quickly -- but it is quirky and set in Dublin