Nan Reynolds encourages her copywriter husband Bill to open his own agency. Nearly out of business, he finally gets a client. Former girlfriend Patricia Berkeley writes a very successful commercial for the client and neats up their old romance. Wife and girlfriend struggle over Bill.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:69 minutes
  • Release:1934
  • Language:English
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:waiter,   maid,   blackface,  

Nan Reynolds encourages her copywriter husband Bill to open his own agency. Nearly out of business, he finally gets a client. Former girlfriend Patricia Berkeley writes a very successful ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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JC E (es) wrote: Dinosaur. I was pretty much sold with that word. Oh, I knew it would be no 'Jurassic Park', but I was still intrigued by the idea of a found-footage flick with dinosaurs. (To be clear, I'm not entirely opposed to the myth that dinosaurs of some fashion may still roam the Earth in some less-explored areas, such as the vast oceans. Vastly unlikely, but part of me wants to be believe it's a possibility.) However, what's unfortunate is that if you've seen the trailer, you've pretty much seen all the "money shots". The dinosaurs are few and far between, and there's not a whole lot of story here - which isn't that deep either. There are worse movies you could spend your time with (like the 'Twilight' abominations), but there are certainly better.

Dave R (jp) wrote: Wasn't to bad of a movie had some good action in it and little differnt from most movies i have watched wasn't bored so it did good

Bayu T (es) wrote: skip it, this movie is sucks!

Jeffrey M (ru) wrote: While Seoul Train serves as a powerful look at North Korean refugees and what they must go through for freedom, the documentary itself is too confined, not covering the overall structure and internal politics of North Korea.

Maark T (de) wrote: An interesting look at Frida Kahlo's adult life. The cinematography fits the mood.

nick k (de) wrote: this movie is lame and boring!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Corey B (au) wrote: Low budget sequel is a lot of fun even though the direction is pretty terrible (why so many close ups?) and the performances aren't that great. But the tongue in cheek script (that puts Deth in the confusing position of having two wives), fun adherence to continuity (pretty much everyone is back in one form or another), and fast pace keep it entertaining.

Nathan N (ag) wrote: Good stuff. I haven't seen the second film but I imagine this is my favorite of the series. A slick production with a little bit of James Bond thrown in. A truley good film and Roundtree is as great as ever.

Tomos R (ca) wrote: Actually quite good aha

Rodney E (ca) wrote: Straight out of Locash

Michael T (au) wrote: Awsome Documentary on the best sport in the world!

Paul C (ag) wrote: Carol Reed's World War II drama follows a bunch of raw recruits in the British Light Infantry, from very different walks of life, their trials through basic training and their subsequent baptisms of fire in the desert war in North Africa. Featuring a who's-who of British acting talent at the time - David Niven, Stanley Holloway, William Hartnell, Peter Ustinov etc - what this film lacks in action it makes up for in the interplay between the characters and the sense of time and place.

Alice S (us) wrote: Solid ensemble dramedy about a dysfunctional family who gathers to sit shiva for their deceased patriarch. Secrets come out, punches are thrown, but no love is lost (in both loving and hateful usages of the phrase). Lots of great characters, such as cheating wife Quinn who actually plays a sympathetic and vulnerable part, the gutsy, newly voluptuous matriarch played by dishy Jane Fonda, and the manboy next door whom eldest sister Wendy has to forgive herself for ditching years ago after their car accident left him brain-damaged.