How 2 Build a Rapper

How 2 Build a Rapper

Comedy - This DocuDramedy follows a young artist as he's put through the paces by two producers looking to answer the question: Can You Build a Rapper? The producers, Lew and Cetre, set out for an open mic night in Watts, CA, and find JP, an inspiring, 24 year old WHITE kid from St. Augustine, FL with no skills of any use to a rapper but only the rawness of his dream! - Johnpaul McLean, Big Boi, Jazze Pha

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Riff J (kr) wrote: Huge build up, without a climax. Tries unsuccessfully to drump up anxiety and suspense, hence when the climax arises, it's neither scary nor enjoyable. It just left me wanting more. Sometimes a movie successfully builds up the tension to then strike out on the finale, but imho Willow Creek couldn't even drum up the tension.

Ennis Brokeback L (fr) wrote: This is the best in the Hatchet series so far and may be the closest we ever come to Jason Versus Leather Face. This movie pays homage to horror icons like few movies ever have.

Robert H (mx) wrote: Let me preface this by saying that I didn't go into this expecting anything, but I'd have to have been living under a rock to not know how critically reviled this was when it was released. However, I don't quite understand why people hate it so much. Is it a great (even good) film? Not really, but Kevin Costner really shot for the moon with this one and even though he missed by quite a lot, you have to admire something with such ambition. The story is set in the post-apocalyptic America of...2013. Having been ravaged by a massive war, civilization has been reduced back to small settlements in a sort-of feudal system run by a renegade army that is led by a "general" (Will Patton) who plunders from every town he visits. Kevin Costner plays a nameless drifter who, by circumstance, becomes an inspiration and symbol of hope for the restoration of society as they once knew it. What the film gets right, and there are a number of things, is its portrayal of a society in decay. Things aren't quite "Mad Max" bad, but the world which Costner created in the film was fairly believable. Another thing was the epic scope of the film. Even though THE POSTMAN is, at times, self-indulgent and a little too long, little was wasted in terms of visual spectacle. There were plenty of breathtaking shots which captured the American West as only Costner (and a few others) can. In terms of characters and acting, given the length of the film, adequate screen time was allotted to suitably develop the principal characters, and the performances given by all were quite good. Still, some of the dialogue they were saddled with (pardon my pun) was cliche at best, laughable at worst. In fact, most of the moments which were supposed to emotionally hit you came off as silly to me. Not only that, but they played it straight and so unironically that it came off that much more silly. Overall, THE POSTMAN aims high in terms of scope and themes, but only delivers satisfactorily on the technical side of things. As long as you don't mind silly, but earnest, post-apocalyptic fare this film isn't a bad way to pass three hours.

Leonard D (es) wrote: Pretty cool action and adventure for a comic book adaptation!

Francisco G (br) wrote: One of my favorite grindhouse flicks has everything this type of movies should: completly outrageous premise (satanist hippies infected by rabbies going on a senseless rampage), awesome soundtrack, shocking moments, over the top moments, silly jokes and situations and self awareness of th trash that it actually is. Which more of recent horror films were such fun like this (for those who like these type of movies).

Adam R (nl) wrote: John Ford undertakes a different kind of frontier soap opera in this story of a newlywed couple trying to survive hardships such as living off the land and attacks from Indians during the Revolutionary War. Fonda, Colbert, and especially Oliver give great performances, as do many of the colorful supporting players. Utah makes a fine double for upstate New York in the 18th century (although the aspen trees do give it away). However, while the central characters are strong, there is no real antagonist to work against the protagonists. Fonda and Colbert's Gil and Lana Martin quickly tame the foreign land, and the Indian and British attackers are hardly menacing. John Carradine is sadly underused as the eye-patched British menace Caldwell (he could have made a decent, if one-dimensional villain). The fort siege is exciting because the characters seem to be legitimately outnumbered and threatened with death. Sadly, this doesn't happen elsewhere. As a side note, Ford treats women fairly progressively here, giving us several strong female characters. Too bad he doesn't do the same with Indians.

Dylan D (es) wrote: Damsels in Distress is not a catchall sort of movie with wide, mass audience appeal. At best it's a niche film targeted at a specific audience. It's a movie for acquired tastes, a picture built on quirkiness and unusual, to say the least, characters, dialogue, situations, and settings. It's a sharp divide sort that will leave some in the audience laughing hysterically and others wondering what's so funny, never mind what's actually going on and/or what really defines these characters beyond their quest to reshape their school.

Lyle G (nl) wrote: The thing I love most about this movie are the aliens, everything else is pretty weak though.

Johnny A (us) wrote: Stupid storyline, bad acting, just very bad movie

Tess (it) wrote: I really enjoyed this snow white version, after seeing some hollywood versions, it feels more like the Grimm Brother's fairy tale...