How Are You? Well?

How Are You? Well?

Eight shorts in Rio de Janeiro made by six directors: 1st: 'Uma Vez Flamengo' ('Once Flamengo'): Two...

Eight shorts in Rio de Janeiro made by six directors: 1st: "Uma Vez Flamengo" ("Once Flamengo"): Two fans of the greatest Brazilian soccer team are totally drunk when their team, Flamengo, ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Erica S (fr) wrote: Kind of pointless. Was the ending supposed to be some twist I missed? That was annoying.

Jose L (fr) wrote: Dante smoked so much weed, he couldn't feel his legs lol

Wesley H (ru) wrote: I really really love this movie :)

Private U (es) wrote: An absolutely incredible achievement.

Regi H (jp) wrote: The plot sometimes seems pretty unoriginal but the characters dialogue manage to hold me over. Its probably the best none DreamWorks, Pixar, Disney animated movie. It is a very colorful movie with many funny moments. The characters relationships are very heartfelt.

Leslie B (fr) wrote: Original but a bit too gross.

Alison O (jp) wrote: My 16 year-old self lapped up this biopic of 50s rock n roller Richie Valens (who was on the same fateful flight as Buddy Holly and The Big Bopper) so revisiting the movie X years on was like revisiting a childhood friend. Lou Diamond Phillips looked destined for greatness, but aside from the Young Guns franchise his career never really took flight (bad pun unintentional). Made me want to dust off my cassette of the soundtrack!

Josh B (mx) wrote: Sequels may be looked down upon in many cases, but "For a Few Dollars More" is an exception. Few Dollars does fall flat more often then not, but not entirely because it is a sequel. Not entirely? What I mean by not entirely is that there are repetitions or familiarities. Sequels suffer most often from familiarities, but Few Dollars doesn't painfully suffer from it itself. Ultimately it has to do with one scene, ultimately. But it's insufferably obvious and opens your mind to all the minor familiarities (i.e. the scene in which Eastwood and Cleef are beaten as the villain watches with a gut-busting laughter) Ennio Morricone's score adds additional personality to a film already drenched in it. Eastwood's "Man With No Name" is iconic in itself, there isn't much talent to behold or credibility to give to an otherwise archetypical character. But he's full of giddy one-liners. Essential to mention is a newcomer to the "Dollars" trilogy, Col. Douglas Mortimer (Lee Van Cleef). Near the end, Mortimer and "Monco" (as they, ironically, call "The Man With No Name") are going they're separate ways after a shootout which was questionably lacking "Monco". It's obvious that "Monco" is the protagonist in this trilogy, but at the significant final shootout (another familiarity from the previous film) I was questioning whether we were switching perspectives from "Monco" to Mortimer. Mortimer is an interesting character and has more humanity to his character than "Monco" even with his gunslinging arsenal, but this is "The Man With No Name" trilogy, right? "Monco" is there at the shootout but not the one participating in it, Mortimer is the one participating in the final climatic shootout. Though it suffers from familiarity and a lack-there-of protagonist, Ennio Morricone returns on the score, Sergio Leone reprises directing with a giddy, quintessential stylistic approach, and Gian Maria Volonte returns as a worthy antagonist. Most notable are the situations and thrilling plot that's more mature than Fistful. "For a Few Dollars More" is that rare occasion when the sequel is, astonishingly, superior.

Heather M (ag) wrote: Eek! An Elvis Presley movie that I must never watch!!!

Alex A (ag) wrote: Even funnier than I remembered. There's so many aspects that add to the comedy and humor here: be it the soundtrack, characters, performances or highly quotable dialogue, Napoleon Dynamite is exceptional at low-key, deadpan humor.

Andrew K (ru) wrote: Fascinating concept of a dragon apocalypse, but the story lacks common sense. It's an okay film that could have been much better.