How High

How High

Multi-platinum rap superstars Redman and Method Man star as Jamal and Silas, two regular guys who smoke something magical, ace their college entrance exams and wind up at Harvard. Ivy League ways are strange but Silas and Jamal take it in a stride -- until their supply of supernatural smoke runs dry. That's when they have to start living by their wits and rely on their natural resources to make the grade.

This movie concentrates on the story of two guys by the name of Silas and Jamal. They decide to one day smoke something magical, which eventually helps them to ace their college entrance exam. Let's see How High to know more! . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Samuel D (gb) wrote: Another exellent film by this director. Huppert is stunning.

Justin Y (ag) wrote: Put lovable characters, sad but exciting plot, and humor for kids and adults you get Disney's Big Hero 6! Mavel fans, you'll love it.

Chris D (nl) wrote: Creative, well-written, and fueled with an excellent performance by Charlie Sheen, this movie sure does have a brilliant Glimpse Inside the Mind of Charles Swan III.

Emma H (br) wrote: I watched this film as I love art and enjoy watching Andy Garcia. Enjoyable to watch however I don't think that such liberties should be taken when it comes to history. Stick to the facts - the love story but don't make up competitions and artworks! That was not necessary.

Lisa B (de) wrote: Can't help it, this movie cracks me up

Samantha V (kr) wrote: i remember watching this movie, along with the other disney channel original movies... wow.

marla r (kr) wrote: Makes you wish this could be real.

David L (au) wrote: Im trying to think of a movie where JJL plays a happy character, I dont think she's ever done it! Anyway, JJL plays Dorothy Parker in a kind of emo/witty-bitch way that makes you wanna watch every single one of her miserable films on the same wet afternoon. The witty verbal slaps that the main characters sling about in the Round table scenes are probably the best thing about this movie. For me, I just love it cuz no one does misery quite like JJL. Wait she's happy in the Hudsucker proxy!

Tracey H (mx) wrote: funny movie... c'n it...

Chris M (es) wrote: You know. For the time period, there is a huge amount of detail and athenticity in this movie!

Paul L (ca) wrote: I don't actually want to buy this and I can't seem to find it to rent anywhere. Anybody know where I can view this online?