How I Live Now

How I Live Now

An American girl on holiday in the English countryside with her family finds herself in hiding and fighting for her survival as war breaks out.

The film is set in England in near future. An American girl, sent to the English countryside to stay with relatives, finds love and purpose while fighting for her survival as war envelops the world around her. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Michael J (ag) wrote: Far better than the critics reviews. Of course this a Robert Duval movie and he excells! Timely movie captures the spirit of an ageing farmer, his trials and tribulations and still having the capacity to show an old dog can learn new tricks. It's about heart, finding love is never to late. An award winner no!...worth seeing, yes

JADE J (au) wrote: This film made me jump. A LOT! Amber Heard is great in this.

Heather M (kr) wrote: Such a waste of time. I liked the idea of fighting in virtual reality, but the multiple psyche outs at the end started to get really annoying. This could have been better, but maybe not by much.

Dhaval P (nl) wrote: A fascinating documentary of origami as it relates to art, math and future application to science. The first half depicts the beautiful artistic expression of origami. The origami is beautiful and impressive to say the least. I thought this part was the most awe-inspiring part of the film.Unfortunately there was some time dedicated to post-modern origami and as for my tastes, I thought it was much rubbish. One of the lines stood out quite plainly to me as typical of the "avant-garde" post-modern artistic babble: "The process of making is the point of it. The object looks good if the process felt good. This needs to be a kind of ballet. And this is what I try to with my work, to take it to an edge of something - because that's always where the interesting things happen." Self-satisfaction of the artist is the beauty of the art? No wonders what passes today for art is simply not aesthetically pleasing..hopefully origami does not succumb to post-modernism.The last half of the film was an interesting exploration of the mathematical aspects of origami and the potential scientific application! Amazing, that folding papers could lead to such amazing discoveries..!

Liam M (de) wrote: 9.8/10 A criminally underrated dark comedy.

Joshua W (jp) wrote: A very slow moving movie that lacks the true suspense to keep a viewer interested.

Jon A (fr) wrote: Sherilyn Fenn gets naked. Angsty plot gets in the way.

Tuco (gb) wrote: Big, ugly, horny (very horny) enormous amphibians that were introduced to Australia, during the late 20's and early 30's, to rid the sugar industry of the Cane Beetle problem. This is what happens when you introduce a foreign species into a new area. The fact that cane toads are often casualties while crossing roadways comes as no surprise, but the director made certain to include numerous shots from a toad's point of view. Some have made an art of running over cane toads with their vehicle. When the cane toad is threatened, it puffs up, only to make a loud popping sound when squashed. Is it funny? You can bet your ass. Very odd humor plays big in this entertaining documentary. Sure, they may be cute when dressed up, but I'm not sure about smoking one.

David L (us) wrote: Picnic is a very underrated film. It has terrific acting, especially from Rosalind Russell who is just tremendous here, it has incredibly well developed and likable characters with well realized and relevant troubles they face. It also has an incredibly rewarding ending and although it is badly edited and sometimes too prolonged, it is mostly a very engaging, smart and above all a poignant and very powerful film filled with some excellent dialogue and also humor. Picnic, a movie that may seem dated on the surface, but is actually a timeless tale about sexual frustrations and deeply rooted discontent.

Matthew D (ag) wrote: A brilliant distillation of the comic and translation to the screen, tweaking and streamlining without butchering and adding a new way to reinterpret Superman's mythology. The man of steel's best movie so far (animated or live-action) is funny, thrilling, inspiring and haunting.

Eric R (gb) wrote: Reviewed 2015- Great performance by McDormand. Other than that, I guess it doesn't "hold up". A simple ransom story, no twist as stated in the synopsis. Mostly bland (I guess like Minnesota) if not for Steve Bushemi. Disappointed overall, after so much hype and great reviews from everyone.