How Much We Hated Each Other

How Much We Hated Each Other

It's May 1950, just before the now-famous Robert Schuman Declaration. Schuman was the French Foreign Minister, who brokered friendly Franco-German Relations after 3 large-scale wars between...

It's May 1950, just before the now-famous Robert Schuman Declaration. Schuman was the French Foreign Minister, who brokered friendly Franco-German Relations after 3 large-scale wars between... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Dann M (ru) wrote: Chris Evans and Michelle Monaghan star in the quirky romantic comedy Playing It Cool. The story follows a struggling screenwriter who falls for a young woman at a charity gala and attempts to formulate a friend that soon grows into something more. Evans and Monaghan have good chemistry together and handle the comedy quite well. However, most of the jokes are hit and miss; particularly the reoccurring gag of Evans imagining himself in the stories that people tell him. Additionally, a lot of the characters are underdeveloped, which hurts the plot. While it delivers some laughs, overall Playing It Cool is a rather formulaic and uninspired comedy.

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Jes B (ru) wrote: I loved East is East, and in its own way the sequel is just as good. You can't help but like the characters and the humour, for us at least, is spot on. Nanette and I are still calling each other 'Nob 'ed' a week later!

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Trevor G (us) wrote: "It ain't about matrimony, it's macaroni." - Pimpin' KenSuch valuable insight, Pimpin' Ken. And what a creative pimp name you have! This quote, mantra, tao, whatever you want to call it, is but one of many fantastic snippets from American Pimp, the 2000 funkumentary from the Hughes Brothers. The film follows real pimps from all walks of the game, such as Rosebudd, Payroll, Gorgeous Dre, C-Note, The Bishop Don Magic Juan (above), and Fillmore Slim, some of whom have been pimping for upwards of 20 years (since been pimpin', since been pimpin', etc). In case you were wondering, the over/under on how many times I'll say a variation of the word "pimp" in this review is at 47, so bet accordingly, you big old pimp you.American Pimp shockingly consists of interviews with pimps who wax philosophical about the history of hoing ("Before they was any pimp in the world, they was Mary Magdalene. She was hoing all the motherf*ckin' time in the Bible days. Jesus knew it."), the state of the game today, and where it might lead in the future. Plus, a lot of them still dress like Cee-Lo Green and speak in funky pseudo-rhyme slang like our pal Pimpin' Ken up top there, which I didn't think was really even a thing, even in the heyday of the solid-gold 70's.The film is divided fairly neatly into different sections, among them, "Turnin' a Trick," and, "Why does a ho need a pimp?" which was what I was really the most curious about going into this documentary. Well, why does a ho need a pimp? Or do they? C-Note will tell you that, "Priests need nuns, doctors need nurses. So ho's need pimps." Fair enough, C-Note, fair enough. Most of the other pimps are very clear that they don't force bitches to do anything, they just introduce them to the game, and make sure they "do it right." Oh, and also they beat the sh*t out of them if they disrespeck.From a pure entertainment standpoint, I loved this documentary. These guys are certainly characters with a lot of stories to tell, and even some real wisdom to impart here and there. My problems with American Pimp lie in the fact that it's basically a cheap love letter to the pimp game. It's not as if I have some moral stand one way or the other on prostitution, but with the Hughes brothers' street cred (they made Menace II Society, after all), and the access to such big name pimps their notoriety afforded them, I believe the filmmakers had a chance to go all the way with this film, and get down on some real Dateline 20/20 type sh*t. Psychological and societal implications, ya dig?You get a glimpse of some of the tangents they could have really explored deeper; for example, the way that many pimps use psychological manipulation rather than physical abuse to keep their ho's in line (this was the consensus among many of the interviewees, pimps and ho's alike), or the actual day-to-day interaction of the pimps and the ho's, ho's and johns, etc. That's the kind of stuff I was hoping to see, in addition to all the giant, cocaine-filled pinky rings, clips of ridiculous 70's blaxploitation films, and gator-skin everything. Definitely keep all that. (BTW, Microsoft Word knows how to spell "blaxploitation"? We've come a long way, baby.) More than anything, American Pimp is a fun documentary, good for more than a few laughs, that just misses out on being something bigger than watching dudes wear round, diamond-encrusted sunglasses, and talking about the glory days of the world's oldest profession.Grade: 82Oh yeah, I couldn't figure out a way to work this quote into this review, but it's the most awesome thing I've ever heard:[Pimp Kenny Red on what's happening]"Sh*t, the same old soup just reheated. You know the routine. A pimp do."F*ckin' A.

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Juliano R (au) wrote: It reminds me a lot of H.G. Lewis "Wizard of Gore" but instead of magics that have as special effects actually people being killed in front of a crowd, now we have S&M and torture, lots of torture. It is a classic example of a exploitation movie, very poorly made, but there is the fun. You won't find a coherent plot or outstanding performances, but the horror movies fans will love it.

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Matthew R (it) wrote: A decent watch - good performances

Thomas B (jp) wrote: ****Syriana is a fast paced political thriller with an amazing cast. It's not a movie for everyone, but for those who enjoy fast paced political dialogue and don't mind paying attention for the whole run time, you're in for a great movie.