How to Cheat

How to Cheat

A comedy centered on Beth and Mark, a couple struggling to conceive, and Mark's unexpectedly helpful affair with Louise.

A comedy centered on Beth and Mark, a couple struggling to conceive, and Mark's unexpectedly helpful affair with Louise. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Karen L (br) wrote: Love the action in the movie. Would highly recommend it

Jacob D (mx) wrote: This is the best movie made by man. Better than Citizen Cane.

Sylvester K (ca) wrote: Fragmented story featuring mainly a monster with tentacles controlling the humans while robots trying to defeat it. Subplot including Keith and Amy getting married, Calculon having amnesia and Fry's polygamous girlfriend. Not the best out of the 4 films but it's acceptable.

Zachary Y (ru) wrote: a movie about a lot of shenanigans, but its all beautifully understated. Even Douglas' and Maguire's performances are understated, but its for the best. all the crazy things that happen to this young-at-heart middle-aged professor and pot-smoker are exciting but nobody seems too excited about them. just as in his book, the film doesnt "make choices"

LeighAnne M (au) wrote: I enjoyed this movie and the unusual situations that it presented, as well as the fun dicotomy of characters. I'm looking forward to reading the book, as I think that the screenplay had to skip through certain pieces in order to make it more cinematic. The plot wasn't the strongest I've ever seen so I'm hoping the book provides the extra "umph" that the screenplay was lacking.

The J (ag) wrote: Kevin Bacon should have won an Oscar for this movie and Evan Rachel Wood did a great performance

cli o (us) wrote: no thanks not my kinda thing

Missy M (nl) wrote: one of the funniest movies of the 80's, loved it

James O (ag) wrote: More like Return to the 1980s! Return to Horror High may be the oddest slasher of the 80s, and it's certainly the most confusing. It's about a film crew shooting a film at a high school about the murders that took place there a while ago. The writer of the film is telling the story of what happened to the film crew to the police. So in some scenes, you don't know if it's flashback to the actual murders, the crew filming what happened at the high school, an actual murder of one of the crew, or a dream. However, this isn't the most confusing part. The most confusing part is the end, and it is the only film that literally hurt my brain when I tried to think of some logical explanation for it. If you can think of one, please let me know because I sure can't! Sadly, most of the murders occur off screen, but it's still an entertaining parody of the slasher genre, and I'd say it's even more of a parody than Scream (and the killer's mask even resembles the one from Scream; coincidence?)! One more confusing aspect is the title; it's called Return to Horror High, but it has nothing to do with the 1970s monster flick Horror High. Those thinking this is the long lost sequel are in for a severe shock. I don't care what everyone else thinks, I feel Return to Horror High is a very fun slasher, and not for the actual slashing.

Stefan G (ca) wrote: It's not as bad as the critics will have you believe, but it definitely could be better. The film is essentially a weird fusion of sci-fi and medieval fantasy, which actually sounds like something I can be open-minded about. However, while the film looks pretty good, the story needed a lot more work. The characters aren't thought out very well, and some of the characters have names that sound as though the writers didn't care that much. Also, Lyssa comes across as a stereotypical damsel in distress who thinks that "love is eternal". Do we really need more of that? Finally, the special effects are actually not bad, but at the end of the film, they just seem so much worse, almost as though they ran out of money by that point. To be fair, it's not a horribly bad film, but it could have done with some improvement, and maybe it could have done a tiny little bit better with the special effects just for good measure.

Rob K (ag) wrote: Spend a fun and raunchy day at the CAR WASH with a group of crazy but lovable characters. Then stick around for the nightshift when things get SERIOUS (it is a 70s flick after all)! Dig and groove on the antics, the drama, and the music!

John S (jp) wrote: Sword of Vengeance is a hugely pleasant surprise. The film is surprisingly mature in its visuals, storytelling, and action. It feels way ahead of its time and it is quite amazing. It is a perfect blend of depth and pure samurai action. One of the best samurai (chanbara) movies I've ever seen. Granted, I haven't seen many. But I did hugely enjoy this film. Lone Wolf and Cub gets its appeal from its hugely unique style. The subtle intensity of the fight scenes in the sound design (or lack thereof) and cinematography is staggering. There is this powerful aura within the film that is utterly engaging. The film does feel a bit awkward at times, but these moments don't affect the experience too much. Overall, Lone Wolf and Cub is an outstanding chanbara film that achieves a powerful unique marriage of style and substance.

Gregg D (au) wrote: This Original Dr. Dolittle movie is one of my childhood favorites.