How to Deal

How to Deal

Mandy Moore stars as Halley, a young hip high school student who's convinced true love doesn't exist based on the crazy relationships around her. Her mother is divorcing her father who is dating a younger woman Halley can't stand. Her crazed sister is planning a wedding but has second thoughts and her best friend has fallen madly in love for the first time leaving Halley to feel even more alone.

For teenager Halley, love seems like an alien concept. She is disillusioned by too many examples of love gone wrong, refuses to believe that true love exists. But, when Halley meets edgy Macon, she learns what love is really all about. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Orlok W (mx) wrote: Very unusual suspenseful drama that takes you on an inner journey--Majestic reflections on the nature of mankind and humanity!!

Jason M (ca) wrote: Smaug made the movie and the action sequences were fantastic.

Brad G (nl) wrote: "I was born to murder the world." Clive Barker's third and final film as director is an underrated genre mashup supported by four performances from actors never again given material this weighty or as against type. Scott Bakula is an exceptional Sam Spade stand-in, and he carries the supernatural shenanigans with Humphrey Bogart's dry acceptance. Kevin J O'Connor, who is normally regulated to the comic relief sidekick persona, is exceptionally sad as the fallen magician but he somehow manages to evoke power. Famke Janssen was simply born to be the Femme Fatale; she's pure sex & danger. And Daniel Von Bargen might just be the proudest, shiniest, tubbiest lump of evil to ever Charlie Manson the silver screen. Lord of Illusions is the Chinatown of horror, a neo-noir caked in Barker's special brand of perversity that never got the audience it so rightfully deserved. I'll just have to take comfort in the knowledge that in the Fringe universe Bakula & Barker made a killing with a whole slew of Harry D'Amour detective tales. VF.

Alyson E (ru) wrote: Excellent. Daniel Day-Lewis is fantastic

Mats B (br) wrote: Almodovar i sitt esse!

Mikey M (jp) wrote: "No one escapes - no one ever really escapes". Brilliantly dark prison movie helmed by Jules Dassin.

Brian T (us) wrote: my "cyber punk" kick will only continue onward after this film. LEGIT!

Richard L (es) wrote: So ridiculously stupid with a horrible message and two training montages. On the plus side, so much pretty, Djimon Hounsou brings some welcome gravatis, and there are a few moments of CrossFit. But damn what a horrible movie.

Russell S (ag) wrote: Despite sincere intentions by the director to do justice to the franchise, this movie is simply too long, too lifeless and watching Brandon Routh imitate Christopher Reeve is almost as distracting as watching Ewan Macgreggor imitate Alec Guiness in the Star Wars prequels. Not a bad movie, just somehow drab and somewhat lacking in action.

Stephen S (nl) wrote: Excellent film. This is a Netflix gem if I've ever seen one. Such an awesome movie from beginning to end, with memorable characters whose struggle you want to see through to the very end.

Sergel C (au) wrote: Two exciting, dangerous actors have little to do: Duvall spends too much time pacing and waiting; De Niro's big scene has him hanging up his vestments.