How to Frame a Figg

How to Frame a Figg

Don Knotts is Hollis Figg, the dumbest bookkeeper in town. When the city fathers buy a second-hand computer to cover up their financial shenanigans, they promote Figg to look after things, knowing he'll never catch on. Their plan backfires when Figg becomes self-important and accidentally discovers their plot.

Don Knotts is Hollis Figg, the dumbest bookkeeper in town. When the city fathers buy a second-hand computer to cover up their financial shenanigans, they promote Figg to look after things, ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Nikki M (au) wrote: So many beautiful people. Such a brutal execution of a story.

Casey M (gb) wrote: I didn't see the humor in this at all. It felt more like a serious drama. Whoever made the jokes did not put in any effort.

Shannon N (it) wrote: A great childhood favorite.. It might not have top notch animation, story, or amazing characters, but definitely not for the faint of heart. Still an adorable movie a lot of kids can enjoy. I sure did. A few critics can't change that!

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Brett C (es) wrote: Review In A Nutshell:I am not the easiest person to impress when it comes to comedy but every once in a while comes a film that would catch me off guard, Gentlemen Prefer Blondes is one of those films. But is it the perfect film that I thought this was going to be? Certainly not, but it is the type of film that would fulfil the expectations and hype that surrounds Howard Hawks and Marilyn Monroe.Don't expect anything special in the film's plot as it doesn't offer any depth, but one thing is for sure, that Gentlemen Prefer Blondes is a hilariously fun ride. The film's hook is in its characters as the film rarely strays away from them, both Lorelei and Dorothy are an odd pairing due to their polarising values and characteristics, but the longer I watch these two together on screen, the more I adore them being together. Dorothy may not offer much in terms of comedy, but she does deliver the film's heart, she provides so much support for her best-friend even if the decisions that Lorelei makes are morally wrong, as long as that she is happy. Lorelei on the other hand is a seductive and shallow individual, driven by the idea that wealth is happiness. Her personality is a risk to the people around her, particularly her best-friend, as she is determined to get what she wants and her methods aren't exactly subtle. She provides the film's comedy because the character firmly believes in her values and isn't aware that it is causing such harm to others. If the writers wrote both of the film's characters to possess Lorelei's personality then I would have shown little care for them.It is the film's story that brings the film down as there lacked a sense of goal during the first half an hour of the film. These aren't the type of characters that require a long introduction, as it brings the pace down. When the film's complication does set itself in, I started to become more engaged with the situation as the film's comedy started to appear. The first complication of the film, remedied itself far too quickly but fortunately the second complication arises fast and more threatening towards the characters. The film's third act was pure fun, had me laughing so much that I didn't even care how ridiculous the resolution was. The film certainly ended in a clich way, but after everything the film led me through, I didn't care.After seeing Niagara, I was a tad underwhelmed with Marilyn Monroe's performance, but Gentlemen Prefer Blondes proved to me just how much of a bombshell she is. Monroe's alluring performance is fantastic; there are very few actresses who could play ditsy but not relying on their superficial qualities to keep the audience engaged. I also enjoyed Jane Russell's performance as she brought this quality to her role that I felt empathetic towards her.Gentlemen Prefer Blondes is a strong Old Hollywood film that features charming characters and hilarious dialogue. A great start to Howard Hawks' filmography.

John B (ag) wrote: Walter Huston is great in his interpretation of Dodsworth and how a good man eventually becomes undone.

Bill B (us) wrote: Gave this a re-watch on cable for the hell of it, SUCH a great film, definitely one of my favorites, I've found that I can watch it at any time, regardless of when I happen to come in on it, I will sit and finish it out completely.If ever there was a couple that was meant to be together, it is Mickey & Mallory. I think that this one would make for a great double bill with Sid And Nancy, but which one would you watch first?Highly recommended.

Jay S (ag) wrote: Best Van-Damme movie in years