How to Know God

How to Know God

A unique experience in combining religion, and realize that God is within each individual, regardless of faith.

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    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:67 minutes
  • Release:2006
  • Language:English
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  • Keywords:quantum physics,  

A unique experience in combining religion, and realize that God is within each individual, regardless of faith. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Thomas W (gb) wrote: Mostly, It feels like the director tried to cut the movie in a way to make up for the absurdity of the central characters' relationship. The actors just couldn't make us believe any of this made sense. They finally run out of film. Unfortunately, long after the premise ran out of gas.

Todd P (nl) wrote: The Anomaly suffers from It's director/star Noel Clarke having too much creative freedom. I know from watching his previous work that he is a good actor, but for some reason here, when directing himself he is flat, and at times I even had to laugh at his poor delivery. If it wasn't for that this could have been a real sci fi gem. The plot is well executed, and I was eager to find out what was going on, right up until the end, and while he may not know how to direct himself, the fight sequences are very well done. I always like it when the action is clear, especially when it's one continuous shot, as many of them are here. With low production values, and no real stars to it's name, I feel like this great idea would have been better served as a ten part television series, allowing the story more time to develop.

diana w (ca) wrote: i was never a fan of kimura takuya, but this movie definitely changed my perspective of him =)

Caitlyn W (jp) wrote: good b movie! top notch!

Dillon L (br) wrote: better then I remember the ending is great

Madison D (ag) wrote: Spy Kids: An In-Depth Look at Juni The movie Spy Kids, written and directed by Robert Rodriguez, is an action-based romantic love story that revolves around the lifestyle of the Cortez family. However, the Cortez?s are not your typical day to day family; mother Ingrid Cortez and father Gregorio Cortez have a secret past identity of being top secret spy agents. Currently retired from the field and trying to live a ?normal? lifestyle, their two children Carmen and Juni go on an adventure of a lifetime when they have to rescue their parents from evil enemies from the past. Juni Cortez is an insecure pre-teenager who lives in the world of a fantastical television show. Juni is perceived as weak, wimpy, and naive when compared to his older teenager sister, Carmen. Through the visualization of numerous scenes in the movie, it is clearly shown that Juni has not yet discovered his place and purpose in life and, therefore, constantly gets bullied by others in his school and home environment. However, towards the middle and end of the film, Juni finds his true identity and develops the personality and characteristics of the type of person he has always wished to be. As displayed in the beginning, middle, and end of the film, Juni represents an important message and overall theme to the movie as a whole. When analyzing the young teenager as an individual, it is clear that a central theme of his character is that one must discover who they truly are and realize their purpose in life before they can ?blossom? into the person they wish to one day become. In the beginning of the film, Juni is perceived as a physically and mentally weak young boy who is caught in his own immature world of imaginary monsters and characters. Because his weakness is so evident to other observers, he is constantly bullied by his peers at school and even by his own sister, Carmen. One scene displays Carmen and Juni performing their daily morning ?workout,? which consist of a mini-ropes that works towards increasing the children?s physical activity. Juni struggles to swing on the metal bars because he suffers from extremely painful warts on the tips of his fingers. When he is not able to make it across and suddenly falls to the ground in pain, Carmen scolds him and calls the young boy hideous names such as ?butterfingers.? The warts on Juni?s hands are a main symbol throughout the movie that represent his inner traits of being insecure and unconfident in himself. Another scene in particular displays Juni being bullied by a classmate at school because he carries around toy dolls from his favorite television show ?Floops Monsters.? When confronted and teased by the school bully, Juni does not stand up for himself and simply accepts the brutal treatment he is receiving. I feel that Juni is inspired and intrigued by the central message of Floop?s television show, which constantly reminds children to believe in themselves and that their dreams will come true. In one scene in the beginning of the movie, Juni states that he wishes he ?could be a character in Floop?s TV show so his dreams could come true.? When watching this particular scene, it became clearly evident that Juni is searching for something and wanting to be in a place where he feels accepted. Through watching the monster television show, he wishes he could be apart of that because he knows he can be accepted for his true self there. While Juni is fighting his internal battle of self-discovery, he makes a remarkable turn in a different direction towards the middle of the movie. After Ingrid and Georgito get kidnapped by the antiheroes, Carmen and Juni quickly realize their parents past secret identity of holding titles of prestigious government spies. At this point in the movie, the siblings are left to fight off the remaining villains and fend for themselves in their own home. Juni takes his first leap of faith of discovering his true identity when he successfully pushes a green button on an underwater submarine located in the body of water outside the house. Pushing the button leads to the effective start up of of the machine and starts the sibling?s adventure to hide in the family ?safe house.? Without having pushed the green button, Carmen and Juni would have never made it to the safe house and could have potentially become prisoners just like their parents. When the children arrive at the family safe house, they find plentiful amounts of spy gear including protective clothing and weapons. However, the evil spies manage to find the children?s location and track them down. Once again, Carmen and Juni find themselves in a combat battle, only this time, advancing the fight using their newly discovered, high-tech spy technology. Juni takes another leap of faith and gains more confidence in himself when he spits paralyzing gum onto the enemies and manages to immobilize multiple villains. Additionally, a noticeable change occurs regarding Juni?s bandaged fingers. After the defeat of numerous villains, Juni unveils the bandages on his hands, revealing that the warts on his fingers are starting to heal. The warts at this stage in the film represent Juni growing out of his old identity and gaining confidence in preparation to form into his new individuality. After this scene, the siblings make an indiscrete landing in the middle of a downtown clothing store. Here, Carmen and Juni change their attire and walk out of a clothing store looking clean, put together, and ready for a mission. A noticeable change occurs when Juni clothes himself in the black, sleek spy gear; it is almost as if he is putting on a new identity, but isn?t quite sure if he fits into the disguise yet. When Carmen and Juni finally reach the castle where their parents are being held hostage, they quickly formulate a plan. At this point in the movie, Juni has realized the palace is actually Floop?s TV show location. He gains enough confidence to lead his sister in the adventure of finding their parents and takes the initiative to come up with the idea of placing microscopic cameras around the hallways so they can keep track of certain guards? location. Juni also devises the idea to communicate with the deformed monsters from Floop?s television show to find out where their parents are being held hostage in the bastion. In one scene, Juni confronts Floop himself and tells him that he is not scared of what he has to offer and actually convinces Floop to side with them to help save their hostage-held parents. This demonstrates Juni?s final stage of maturing into his newly formed identity, which allows him to think quickly and formulate successful plans. After fighting numerous battles, Juni and Carmen find the location of their parents and rescue them from the tied bonds. At this point in the movie, Juni?s warts have completely vanished, representing the shedding of his old identity and the molding process into his new character. Juni is praised by all family members for his hard work, quick thinking, and leadership skills through out the entire mission, which ultimately gives him the closure he needed to discovered his true identity. Juni was an interesting and intriguing character to observe in the movie Spy Kids. In the beginning of the film, the young boy was perceived as weak, helpless, and naive to his surroundings. However, as the film progressed and the boy discovered his true identity, he started blossoming into the person he always wished he could be. In Juni?s instance, self-discovery played a key role in forming the characteristics that compose his self image and identity. By believing in himself and following his heart, Juni realized the place he belonged in his misfit world and discovered his true propose as a Cortez family spy kid.

Alexander C (ru) wrote: Would like to see at some stage.

Pascal M (es) wrote: Bon suspens, et des acteurs epatants: Duchaussoy grave et froid, Caroline Cellier charmante et Jean Yanne si abominable qu'il en est drle... Un bon paulard, superbement film (C) par Chabrol, une fin un peu attendue mais le tout n'est pas mal ficel (C)...

Augustine H (au) wrote: Even if you are not a big fan of boxing movies, you can't forget the final fight between James Braddock and Max Baer.

Jon Mikel B (de) wrote: An interesting proposal with a good and dark performance by Anthony Hopkins.