How to Live Forever

How to Live Forever

Baby boomer Mark Wexler travels the world searching for the secrets of long life.

Baby boomer Mark Wexler travels the world searching for the secrets of long life. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Manolo P (gb) wrote: I've been watching the Black Mirror serie, and it really makes you think of what the technological future can bring us in many terms. Socially, we see in "Her" the effect of advances in software that shows us a very elaborate proposal of the extent to which interpersonal relationships can be weakened to the point where they become virtually nil, guiding the new generations to seek a perfect love, idealized and built by ourselves that can only be found in robots and beings of artificial intelligence. The director shows us clues that are very applicable in our reality, and this through a sweet and beautiful film that moves us towards sensations so natural and sensitive of the human being that makes us feel empathy towards the personage, whose very good interpretation indicates very well-done arguments of what a capitalist society is able to control, including our feelings, to generate ideas that attack the neoliberal needs of materialism, and the love that we all seek, bringing therefore the invention of advertising and products that in us generates an image of what would happen with an appreciable and suffering relationship between the human being and what he himself is capable of creating.

(ca) wrote: "It wasn't a horrible movie, but it wasn't that great either. I was hoping that just because the cast has some unknowns (at least for me), that it would turn out being good. But, it wasn't. The acting left something to be desired and the story itself was boring. I didn't care for the characters and I didn't care for the story. I did think the only one who did a good job in this was Ian Nelson as Jonah. Eileen Boylan over acted. So that's about all I gotta say about this."

Peder S (kr) wrote: Surprisingly good since a person without any money would be able to make the same quality of film, it is just so absurd and hokey that it works nicely.

Frederick v (es) wrote: Velhas catadoras de lixo encontram uma menina viciada em tric. A partir da, segue uma jornada pelo subconsciente das velhas, representado pelos objetos que elas catam. A criana traz de volta juventude e a possibilidade de sair do ciclo vicioso. O tric, atividade feminina considerada pacfica e intil se torna o grande meio de ao pelo qual as personagens ganham domnio sobre sua prpria vida. Tricotar criar vida. Grande sacada dessa trama surreal.

Yvonne P (de) wrote: Loved the idea, characters, execution... beautiful! But I wished there was more story and more impressionable music :1

Mike Z (it) wrote: Soldiers, war families and former C.I.A/military tell their stories on why the Iraq war is completely unacceptable and immoral. This is the real story of what is happening overseas, NOT the fake media spin coverage made to decieve us all from reality and further support the deaths of innocent people and families.

MsBrown (ru) wrote: this movie was to good

Ben A (ru) wrote: This film is one of my favourites. Those people moaning that it doesn't accurately portray the book have a point, but they are completely missing the point of the film.It's a loud, fast, action packed, ridiculous fun romp with some great comedy and a faint haze of satire in the background.If you want to be challenged by a film, steer clear but I enjoy this one every time I watch it. A great and unintentionally hilarious sci-fi.

David H (us) wrote: A emotional, hart-hitting and realistic Portrait of the Bitter Life in South Central the Spiral of Crime and Murder the People get drawn and can't escape

(au) wrote: Hard To Watch. There are bits that will amuse and make you laugh, but there's too much that's genuinely awful. It's bizarre how many consider this his best. The fights are poorly shot and choreographed, the thread-bare story doesn't even attempt to explain its gaping holes, the characters are comically one-dimensional, and you'd swear some of the dialogue was written to be intentionally woeful. It's almost as though the guys who made this are daring the fans to like it. Probably the worst Seagal outing ever.

Anthony C (ca) wrote: I ran across this flamboyant piece of crap on tv and I wasn't able to finish it, it's that bad. First of all it tries so hard to be funny that everything feels forced, and it's painfully unfunny throughout. Second the plot sounds like it was written by some stupid kid obsessed with MTV and the videotape revolution. It makes NO SENSE! The whole film thrives on poorly constructed plot turns that could never even be imagined in the real world, yet it begs to be accepted as a film set in the real world and with real people and situations, it's all based on "what if".But I'm dead serious it's one of the worst films I've ever seen, alongside Hitman, and films like that.Films like these make me wonder, who the hell would invest time, money or talent on a script so retarded?Jeez, I'm gonna try and forget I ever saw this.

Brian L (br) wrote: Really pretty lame - not really even a fun "B"

Paul D (jp) wrote: A brilliant, satiric fairy tale for adults with a an unusual pacing that is key to the film's mesmerizing hold on us for two straight hours. The one false note is the series of outtakes at the end.

Cindy K (ca) wrote: I felt it one of her lesser movies. It was nothing like, Please Don't Eat The Daisies. It was just something to put on. It was just o.k..

Dave S (br) wrote: Just alright. I'm still not entirely sold on Stanwyck.

Kairi F (kr) wrote: a movie that has good actors and great potential, but falls short of the big picture. it's what happens when adult life becomes reality, that whole story could have been told better

Lucero C (ru) wrote: What a sad story! it was very interesting and it had some potential but in the end, it didn't reach its full potential!

Josh M (ag) wrote: Totally deviates from the originals. Acting sucked, overall not good.