How to Make a Monster

How to Make a Monster

When master monster make-up man Pete Dumond is fired by the new bosses of American International studios, he uses his creations to exact revenge.

When master monster make-up man Pete is sacked by the new bosses of American International studios he uses his creations to exact revenge. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Sarah T (nl) wrote: its mint I have it funny as hell

Avery M (us) wrote: Excessively silly and with an evidently rather low budget, this film nonetheless entertains and affords some laughs, boasting an impressive cast and unusually high quality for a Canadian production.

Troy D (au) wrote: Great glbt indie film. Ignore the budget-quality, this film has heart.

James H (kr) wrote: 3.5/10. An odd film from New Zealand, a violent action comedy that is only intermittently amusing. It never digs very deep into the characters, they are just shallow and rather pointless. It is not likeable at all.

Duncan K (mx) wrote: This could have easily been titled "How to Commit Career Suicide in Every Possible Way." Since I loathed the Boondock Saints, I was curious to see why it became such a failure of a film. From viewing this documentary, I reached the following conclusion: The Boondock Saints may have actually been a good idea on paper, but due to Duffy's overwhelming arrogance, disgusting sense of entitlement, and complete inability to work with anyone, the film suffered because Duffy ruined any good deal that was thrown at him it all just went according to his talentless vision because that was all he could accept. It really is quite hilarious and pathetic when a documentary detailing how much of a failure you are is infinitely better than the film you made.

Darrin C (ru) wrote: A little worse than the first Vampires. This one tries to follow Vampires which it fails at in that it takes itself too seriously and gets really boring about halfway through. At least the Cross from Vampires was brought back and the story is relatively similar.

angel m (gb) wrote: This is based on A True story .. housewife Francine Hughes. After thirteen years of domestic abuse at the hands of her husband, James Berlin ("Mickey") Hughes,Poors gasoline on him while he is passed out drunk And setts Him On fire.. In real life he was a COP!! They dont disclose that in the film But they do in the book wich is much better But I read the whole book in one day and just had to see the movie ... She couldn't call the police because he was the police.. She had no choice he would have killed her eventually*

Zaw M (de) wrote: smart, funny, and entertaining. 4 stars for the Hustle

Dawn P (us) wrote: Love the movie!! I'd watch it more often if they didn't have Robin laugh so much

Brenda D (us) wrote: Nice and natural, as birdwatching.

William S (gb) wrote: An American classic. A finer adaptation of Harper Lee's novel could not be possible. Zero shortcomings.

Ray J (gb) wrote: For nature and nostagia lovers.

RFrank H (ca) wrote: Rented from the library. I thought it would be more about the good years, and less about the drugs and downside of his career. Still, I learned a few things. Excellent performances all around.