How to Meet Girls from a Distance

How to Meet Girls from a Distance

The peeping tom rom-com ‘How To Meet Girls From A Distance’ is a funny and heartwarming film that looks at how far we go for a crush. Premiering in Wellington as part of the New Zealand International Film Festival, How To Meet Girls From A Distance tells the story of Toby. Trying to win the heart of the beautiful Phoebe, he is determined to become the man of her dreams.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:0 minutes
  • Release:2012
  • Language:English
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:dating,  

Toby has always been unlucky with girls. Ever since being stabbed in the throat after asking a girl out in a café, Toby has resolved to learn everything he can about girls before meeting them - so he can become the man of their dreams. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Will H (mx) wrote: This had so much potential. I was devastated when it just couldn't live up to the originals. Still worth a watch.

Karin B (br) wrote: La-di-dah - B-movie.

Eliabeth S (br) wrote: Ohh the French...always making sure that Ludivine Sagnier is naked in every movie! I so wish that our dour British protagonist had been more developed, and that the crime, etc. was infinitely more dynamic. This film could have been kickass and totally suspenseful a la "Crime d'amour," but alas...fell short.

Ashley F (ru) wrote: Awesome thriller. it's kind of confusing, cuz they talk about the game going into history, and stuff, but it's awesome.

Lindsey L (it) wrote: What a shame. I've always heard such good reviews about this movie. But it's boring and the ending is stupid and the characters are lame and ugly. If you want a good lesbian drama, watch Tipping the Velvet or Fingersmith or the L Word.The soundtrack is pretty great, though.

Krishna S (gb) wrote: Small in scale but vast in scope, this is an off beat, beautiful tale of a passionate, fearless and patient love that is all too rare, both in cinema and out of it. Madly inventive, surreal and grounded in real people and emotions, it is a moving tale of coincidences, serendipity and the infinite force of love.

Jose G (de) wrote: I can't believe I waited 20 years to see this movie....this movie is 5 stars for the soundtrack *alone*....lots of great jazz on here, including the stuff Denzel and Wesley pretend to play (which is really Branford Marsalis and Terence Blanchard)!

Trudy M (br) wrote: Don't care what any of you think, I love this movie and never stopped watching it when it was released. Great cast and just love Rob Lowe!!

Jacob F (ag) wrote: yeah this sounds too extreme even for me.

Matt H (de) wrote: At times this feels much more "raw" than A Streetcar Named Desire, and better, too. Paul Douglas is terrific in this, Monroe shines in a small role, and Robert Ryan is slightly miscast in what should be a better and more intense role.

Justin B (nl) wrote: I can't stand Kevin Hart and Will Ferrel is always wildly inconsistent but I didn't hate this. It's built upon the rigid formula, broad humour and cliched stereotypes you'd expect from a studio comedy but it works as a breezy time killer.

Thomas B (de) wrote: Skip this lame reunion comedy team of Pryer and wilder.

Facebook U (de) wrote: quite the oddsort of a movie, but it still had a nice charm about it