How We Got Away with It

How We Got Away with It

A young man and his friends react to a sudden, unexpected tragedy during their annual all-weekend summer party.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:86 minutes
  • Release:2014
  • Language:English
  • Reference:Imdb
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A young man and his friends react violently to a sudden, unexpected tragedy during their annual all-weekend summer party. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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mark b (au) wrote: Great movie! LOVED IT!

Rendan L (gb) wrote: Another brilliantly well crafted thriller from the modern master, David Fincher. The only issues being excessive product placement and a hammy, boring villain. Grade: B+

Jenn T (br) wrote: Cheesy sci-fi flick.

Alicia C (nl) wrote: "Dude, he is so dead" Quote from first 5 minutes of the movie. Should i say more. Great laugh.

Jeff B (fr) wrote: Despite a good cast and a serious subject matter, this movie was pretty silly.

Mark N (mx) wrote: Atrociously slow and simplistic Steel Dawn evokes Mad Max's future of a world lacking technology and resources but spends most of it's time focus on day-to-day life than action, excitement or strong characters. Probably the only reason it is even vaguely remembered is Swayze's involvement and indeed he does a good job with the very little he is given to do.

Matthew D (nl) wrote: The oddest entry in a very odd franchise, the first half is almost a beat-for-beat retread of the first film with a less interesting protagonist. Brent is bland variation on the hero that Taylor mocks in his first outing (whereas Taylor and his fellow travellers could be distinguished within moments by their strong, well-defined traits) and there are far too many conveniences the audience has to grant in his adventure. The second half, when the action moves Beneath the planet of the apes, feels very much like an episode of the original Star Trek (complete with good guys battling each other against their wills) and feels just as silly. It does have to be commended for trying build on what had been established and make bold strides away from it in the latter half as well as for daring such an ending, but the new things are not well developed enough and none of it is as compelling as it could be.

Pravesh B (ag) wrote: Wonderful Yakuza film that works on a breathtaking pace. Works beautifully even almost 50 years later. High on atmosphere and the car race sequence still gives a high.I must admit that I do not understand the gambling bits but denouncement was awesome. It'll be fun if Coens do a modern remake.

Dann M (es) wrote: The supernatural thriller Embrace of the Vampire is an inane and pointless remake. The story follows a college student named Charlotte who receives an athletic scholarship to an elite college, but things get complicated when she discovers that she's a vampire hunter. The writing is awful, as the plot barely makes sense and the characters have no depth. Additionally, lead actress Sharon Hinnendael has no charisma, nor does she have any chemistry with her co-stars. While it try to do something new with the source material, Embrace of the Vampire is just as poorly made as the original.

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Jon E (gb) wrote: Paranormal Activity is an alternative take on the standard horror film. With a more grounded premise, it differs from conventional horror in that it is both more plausible and more typical of human response to the vast majority of horror films. The sequels leave much to be admired, but this feature helped to usher in change in the horror genre. It has, unfortunately, led to some terrible derivatives but does capture interest and leave the viewer enveloped. Though the concept will irritate, or simply just not work for some, it is certainly worth viewing if not to experience something a little different in the genre. The film builds at a reasonable pace and leaves the viewer somewhat satisfied during its climax. A must watch for horror and paranormal fanatics.

Dean M (jp) wrote: A poor quality political action flick with Wesley Snipes as what I could see the directorial and editorial touch was the use of black and white, which comes out of nowhere and seems completely out of place. It looks terrible!Impossible to be confused with Bruce Lee's fabled final film of the same title, Game of Death is a trumped-up and misleading description of Snipes's shuffle as killing machine Marcus. Confessing to a powerless priest (Ernie Hudson), Marcus flashes us back to a mission which delivers double-cross, courtesy of some treacherous dude and New Zealand stunt woman Zo Bell. Snipes mechanically kicks and shots, as does ring-in Giorgio Serafini.The entire hospital seems oblivious to the gun fight going on around them, but nothing feels like it really fit. I only enjoy some of Snipes's action and fight scenes and Gary Daniels and Bell are average as the villains. I see Bell makes a super scary serious face, but it comes out ridiculous. The acting is poor and worst.

Harry S (it) wrote: quality was like PRISONER CELL BLOCK H with good looking chicks and a bigger budget :)