Howards End

Howards End

Merchant Ivory’s adaptation of EM Forster’s classic 1910 novel, starring Emma Thompson, Helena Bonham Carter, Anthony Hopkins & Vanessa Redgrave returns to the big screen in a beautiful new 4K restoration. Stunning location photography, lavishly detailed sets & elegant period costumes, this compelling saga follows the interwoven fates and misfortunes of three families amid the changing times of Edwardian England. It tells the story of two free-spirited, cosmopolitan sisters, Margaret (Emma Thompson) and Helen Schlegel (Helena Bonham Carter), who collide with the world of the very wealthy ­­– one sister benefiting from the acquaintance with the Wilcoxes (owners of the beloved country home Howards End), the other all but destroyed by it. Anthony Hopkins is the conservative industrialist Henry Wilcox and Vanessa Redgrave is his ailing wife Ruth Wilcox.

A detailed description of the British society in the early 20th centery: The film revolves around Margaret Schlegel, who is just inherited a fortune from the widowed upstream Wiulcox Ruth. Let's follow her in this interesting movie . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Howards End torrent reviews

Caitlin L (ag) wrote: Just as good as the original.

Thom M (nl) wrote: Not nearly as cringe-some as I expected it to be, definitely no masterpiece but not a complete waste of time either. Lots of quotable lines in it. Maybe it felt a bit to close to home for the area I live in!

Richard L (mx) wrote: So ridiculously stupid with a horrible message and two training montages. On the plus side, so much pretty, Djimon Hounsou brings some welcome gravatis, and there are a few moments of CrossFit. But damn what a horrible movie.

Barham (au) wrote: favorite comedy G R A C I E!!

Jerry S (nl) wrote: Emotional, fine quality movie. Not so typical flick. I like it allot. Everyone knew how to act, that's the spirit!

Kang R (br) wrote: Classic! I don't mind watching it over and over again in time. Just hilarious.

Clarice C (ru) wrote: II <333 STEVEN SEAGAL

Whowants T (kr) wrote: Good, but a bit too slow-moving at times.

Waldo I (ag) wrote: Reminded me a lot of Foreign Correspondent. Not so much The Lady Vanishes, which SUCKS.

Frances H (nl) wrote: Beautiful, fascinating and well acted film that was profoundly moving. The music was hauntingly lovely.