Howling IV: The Original Nightmare

Howling IV: The Original Nightmare

An author who was sent to the town Drakho, because of a nervous breakdown, gets wound up in a mystery revolving around demons and werewolves. She starts seeing ghosts and dismisses them as her own imagination, but when they turn out to be real she becomes suspicious of the odd town and of its past.

An author who was sent to the small town Drago, because of a nervous breakdown, gets wound up in a mysterious mystery about demons and werewolves. She starts seeing ghosts and dismisses ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Natasha Y (it) wrote: Going into the movie without reading the synopsis, the beginning felt a bit slow and I wasn't sure what the point of making this documentary was. After about 20 minutes it picks up fast and stays engaging. I felt for all the people involved who were wronged and walked away with serious doubts about the justice system. Thought provoking documentary that makes you want to dig deeper about both paleontology and the legal system, go see it!

familiar s (de) wrote: At times, what sounds interesting on paper fails to deliver on screen. Honest intentions, average performances & message oriented plot aren't enough for a film to succeed. Screenplay & execution too play a key role in deciding the movie's fate. Table No. 21 could have been an average thriller, if not engaging enough, but the way it proceeds is too silly to maintain the tempo. The twists & tricks are too predictable to be effective. The concept of the game is too good to be believable/acceptable, and is downright silly. Maybe that's something to be overlooked while watching a fiction. But the ending isn't convincing enough either.What should have been hard hitting & shocking fails to register any sort of emotional impact. Won't recommend.

Andrew P (de) wrote: Nice to see more movies like Shaun of the Dead coming along, however relies too much on stupidity with a real balance of horror and comedy.

Carol M (br) wrote: Everything you didn't want to know about bp and how it is destroying human beings and the planet.

Ella H (fr) wrote: 3+ Very nice action flick.

Matt K (gb) wrote: This movie is really really good. I loved basically every scene, character, and situation. And the ending! This movie will only get better on repeat viewings.

Savanna M (ru) wrote: Beautifully inspiring and motivating. Lovely in all categories, and is a movie I will never get tired of watching. I recommend it to everyone, not just because of the terrific acting, but for the fascinating plot.

Prashun C (us) wrote: The most true to life movie I have seen!

Javier G (ca) wrote: Esto si es el cine Colombiano. Un perfecto ejemplo para aclarar que nuestra malicia indigena es audacia en realidad. La mejor pelicula colombiana hasta la fecha

Tim S (us) wrote: McBain is not your typical bad movie by any stretch of the imagination. It has a lot of solid effort put into it. It has great explosions and stunts out the wazoo, as well as being very well-shot and decently acted. Why is it subject to a lot of negative feedback? Well, I think at the time this came out there was an abundance of it on the market. Similar to how there's an abundance of horror movies on the market today, these types of big action movies were being made all the time through the late 1980's and the early 1990's. Now is it really worth praising? Well not really. It's definitely mediocre and the story meanders all over the place, but it has enough entertainment value to keep it just above the crap level. Even the crew at Rifftrax recently did a very funny riffing on it. Justified, of course, but not to the point of the movie being a complete waste of time.

Kandis A (de) wrote: Ok movie and ok plot. The plot isn't so far fetched nowadays because many men turn hoes into housewives!!! Check out all the Instagram hoes for inspiration!!!

Sheppard S (au) wrote: One of my lang standing fantasies: a pretty woman stalked by a hungry vampire...Heck, any vampire would chase Milano!

Patrick A (ru) wrote: This is a personal favorite. I'm bias since this is my first entry into the series, and is a childhood favorite of mine. That said, rewatching it in recent years I appreciate how Pierce had a good mixed of the campiness of the Moore, but not going too far or over the top. Then having more serious tones, and even the Goldeneye weapon seems plausible, and of course a sensible threat that wasn't too over the top. This is the best Pierce Bronson James Bond film.

Robert F (mx) wrote: A fun, underrated dark comedy. Lots of clever dialog, and an interesting setup, focusing on something I've never seen in a movie before: a hostile friend. One that seems like your friend, but tries to control everything you do, and gets angry (and possibly violent) when you don't play along. It's almost like an abusive spouse, only it's a friend. It does happen, especially as children/teens, but I've never seen it in a movie before.The teen angst/romance scenes can go on a bit long, but it plays out less like a cheap horror film and more like a modern update on Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Overall, I really liked it, but it did have two problems: Megan Fox, and a lack of Megan Fox. First, Megan Fox's acting performance was beyond terrible. The woman may be gorgeous, but she couldn't convey a real emotion if her life depended on it. She's like a cross between a super model and a Speak-and-Spell. Luckily, Amanda Seyfried makes up for her ineptitude by doing a nice job at doing all the acting in the movie.As for 'a lack of Megan Fox', anyone attracted to women probably wants to see a lot of 'Jennifer's Body', but the movie falls way too short in that respect. There's only one scene where Megan Fox comes anywhere close to nudity (unzips shirt to show cleavage), and another scene where she kisses with Amanda Seyfried, but that's it. The movie was marketed around Megan Fox's looks, but you honestly see more of her in Transformers as she's looking under the hood of a car. Google the behind the scenes footage if that's what you want to see, because there isn't much of it at all in the actual movie.Overall, I enjoyed it, but the movie needed a much better actress than Megan Fox to pull off the mean friend/succubus part well. Still, I think it's a good movie.

Edith N (de) wrote: Herbie Movies Don't Have to Make Sense! Okay, so we're not talking high art. This, I grant you. I'm not entirely sure it's even a good movie; it's one of the ones that kind of haunts the borders. Once again, it's possible that my nostalgia is overtaking my taste. It wouldn't be the first time. It is also true that Herbie movies without Dean Jones are inferior. It is further true that, by 1980, live action Disney was well and truly slumped, a state from which it has still not yet recovered. (Their animation unit picked up, but the live action?) I mean, there is the obvious [i]TRON[/i] exception, and we'll see how well that sequel works out, but by and large, the clamour for family programming seems to have included taking away the real nature of it--which is that adults can enjoy it, too. Our beloved Herbie has ended up on the scrapheap. Jim Douglas has, against all expectation, actually put the thing in a dump. He has also given the car to his nephew, Pete (Stephen W. Burns), and his best friend/mechanic D.J. (Charles Martin Smith), though they have to go to a Central American scrapheap to get it. Then, logically, they ship it by extravagant ocean liner down to the Grand Primeo, a car race in Brazil which Jim Douglas has assured them the car can win. Hilarity ensues, not least with young Mexican street urchin Paco (Joaquin Garay III). There's stowing away and being chased by evil men in search of Inca gold, which is somehow in Mexico, and a crazy ship's captain played by Harvey Korman and crazy Cloris Leachman and her frankly unnecessary studious niece, Melissa (Elyssa Davalos). And stuff. It's pretty dippy, really, and there's no reason to think it would be otherwise. We're talking late-period Disney, after all. And okay, yeah, even the early stuff isn't exactly Proust, but there's a point at which they stopped expecting anyone with half a brain to get into the movies. It's really disappointing that we have a choice between so dumb no thinking adult has an interest in them and so mature that it's frankly inappropriate for little kids. Did we lose the balance somewhere? Did we miss it? I mean, I like dippy kids' movies to a certain extent, but there's a certain expectation I go into a movie with, and frankly, most movies today don't meet them. It's disappointing, and it can't just be disappointing to me. It's also funny that, in the first movie, the Chinese businessman hides behind the racist expectations people have of him, but here, we actually do have something touching those racist expectations. Most of the natives we see are unpleasant and greasy. The only one who seems to speak decent English is Paco, and he's a scummy little pickpocket who's just winning enough to make us forget that it's his own bloody fault everything goes wrong. (Okay, admittedly he does save antiquities from thieves, who may well melt the thing down, but still.) It's alarming, really, that twelve years changed so much--and in the wrong direction. The Mexico we see here is the worst kind of banana republic, no pun intended, where calling the police isn't an option until the last ten minutes. I'm quite sure this is the least of the original Herbie saga, though it's been quite some time since I've seen the third installment. It's certainly not my first choice for how to spend a leisurely afternoon. We did enjoy it, and there are some laughs to it. I could give you quite a long list of better live action Disney--and, yes, they'd pretty much all predate with the one obvious exception. It's also, oddly, the movie where he gets called Herbie least. The kid spends the whole movie calling him "Ocho"--which I heard, the first time I saw the movie, as "Old Joe"--which apparently is a Spanish pun that I didn't catch because it's never explained. He's called Herbie once at the beginning, and then he's either Ocho or "the car."