Høyere enn himmelen

Høyere enn himmelen

Based upon the novel by Klaus Hagerup, we follow the grumpy 12 year old Mari, without any friends, not at all content with her body or her family. Interesingly enough, quite like her grumpy teacher, actually.

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IOnell S (kr) wrote: La mediocridad hecha pelcula

Ian C (de) wrote: Standard romantic comedy with very few laughs. Stackhouse is gorgeous as ever and a really likeable lead, but it is predictable, not funny and fairly wank. Good soundtrack though.

Mara m (ru) wrote: I vey much enjoyed this movie, the atmosphere was great I enjoyed the creepiness of the movie. Rob Zombie always manages to make his movies very fierce and out there. I must say I love a lot of Rob Zombies films.

Paul E (us) wrote: featuring computer animation that would make tose knock off disney rip-oof cheep fests look on in shame. what could have been an interesting story was let down by the fact that thereal world and the world of the cartoon strip are indistinguashable, with some truely ugly animated characters. gets one star because i sniggered once.

Adriano B (mx) wrote: Offbeat and random as only Thai flicks know how to be. Battle sequences are a mix between Braveheart and Predator, quite a rare sight, but story and pacing are not exactly good. Skip boring Parts like a Buddha.

Jamie C (jp) wrote: Pretty good superhero film, The story was a little silly, Acting not very clever, Quite entertaining though, Some good effects and action makes it worth watching.

Tasha J (us) wrote: who hasnt seent this movie

Driia B (gb) wrote: i soooo love this movie after seeing it i have to say this is one of my fave chick flicks,. good story, and definitely cheesy=) ..

James M (nl) wrote: Awful. A really poor attempt to add an Eastern twist to the American gangster genre. If I was a Yakuza I would also be a bit insulted by the premise of this film that not only would they let in a white none Japanese man, he is also an FBI agent. Just so flimsy a plot it makes the whole thing ridiculous. This was a film that would have suited Steve Segal down to the ground, Mortensen, however probably looks back in horror

Anthony S (de) wrote: My first Fassbinder film and I took it with a grain of salt. I expect his other films to be much better. It almost seemed like a student film, but a lot of potential I see.

Bill B (ag) wrote: Gave this another watch tonight as part of my Christmas anti-programming regimen, and I was amused by how much it grows on you when you know how strange it gets in the end.Such a bizarre ending, it's worth the watch for the last ten minutes alone, and the John Waters commentary is a lot of fun to listen to as well.Worth a rental at the very least.