Athens, today. Three siblings face the prospect of selling their family home. The potential buyers will tear it down and erect a modern building in its place.

Athens, today. Three siblings face the prospect of selling their family home. The potential buyers will tear it down and erect a modern building in its place. Alexis defends the sale, ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Steve M (kr) wrote: A young martial artist-in-training named Tiger (Lou) is being stalked by Evil Ninja. After his master and adopted father is defeated by Ninjas, almost killed, and then commits suicide by punching himself in the head for God-only-knows-what-reason as he hadn't finished telling telling everything he needed to know about his past, the deadly Masked Ninja, and why the Grand Master's Evil Ninja Cult that's out to kill him, Tiger continues to study the Art of the Ninja under new masters, including a pair of double-agents among the Grand Master's own ranks. But will he survive when he chooses to confront the Grand Master before his training is complete? "Ninja Death II" is the middle part of a looong Chinese martial arts film that was divided into three seperate movies for export, and it feels like the middle of a long movie. Very little actually happens in the "film" and about 20 minutes are actually repeated footage from "Ninja Death I". (Oddly, these flashbacks don't do a whole lot to explain who the various players in the movie's plot are, so they're included more for padding than to catch up those who haven't seen the first installment in this trilogy.) "Ninja Death II" also repeats the credit-less opening and closing sequences that were featured on the first film, but the voice actors (which suddenly became British halfway through "Ninja Death I") are back to being American. As a result, our hero, Tiger, is back to sounding like a doofus instead of a Gay Pride icon. In this installment of the series, we are treated to boring, overlong sequences with Tiger trying to master the fighting style of Ninjas (which, in this film's conception is the "royal style" of Japan's nobility), we learn a few secrets about Tiger's history, and we have Tiger rape yet another girl while sleeping. (His first somnambu-rape was of a ninja call-girl in "Ninja Death I". Here, he forces himself upon an innocent peasant girl while dreaming about his [i]first[/i] victim. And, just like the ninja call-girl, the peasant woman seems to fall in love with Tiger after being raped. Those wacky Chinese....) The only interesting plot developments occur when the Grand Master--who's the only Oriental villain with worse fashion sense than Fu Manchu--discovers the traitors in his ranks and sends his Ninja after them, and the Masked Ninja escapes and ends up on a fatal collision course with Tiger, who, unbeknownst to him, is the son of the Masked Ninja. As for the fight scenes and Ninja Death Action that made "Ninja Death I" entertaining, we don't even get much of that here. With the exception of a fight where the Grand Master shows that he has big balls (in both senses of that), everything else in "Ninja Death II" is subplot material, filler material, and tasteless somnambu-rape scenes. Speaking of rape.... For some reason, the filmmakers used James Bond theme music in both scenes involved forced sexual encounters. The first scene was in a Japanese household where the theme from "You Only Live Twice" is heard as a drunkard rapes the adopted mother of three boys as they watch. Then, we hear the theme from "Man With the Golden Gun" as Tiger rapes the peasant girl. And it's not downbeat or suspense-oriented versions of the tunes either... it's quiet, romantic renditions. Nothing says romance like somnambu-rape!) Ninja Death IIStarring: Alexander Lou and Fei MengDirector: Someone whose name was left off the credits

Matt M (ag) wrote: Robin Williams teams up with Barry Levinson once again after their collaboration in Good Morning, Vietnam. Yet, this time the result is hardly memorable. Man of the Year is the story of a comedian whose growing popularity leads him to think he can run for president. Instead of being an observation on media's power over society, once again Levinson decides once again to look at a great premise with a much more conventional and forgettable structure.

Mitch K (ca) wrote: Yea..... So 4 college students research a cult massacre in their town only to find out that one of the students mothers had died in that massacre and that the soul of the cult leader was after her soul and her dad is now fooling around with her Professor for that class and lots of people die..... not even worth the bargin bin

Adam L (es) wrote: "The God of Cookery," Stephen Chow's 37th appearance in a comedy in eight years, is a noticeable shift from the popular comedian's linguistic mo lai tau films of the early '90s, instead taking aim at the Asian and American markets simultaneously a la Jackie Chan's "Rumble in the Bronx" (1995) with this "Iron Chef" parody. Here, Chow's greatest asset as an entertainer is manipulating his audience into laughing with a jerk whose built an empire on being a phony and a cheat; feeling empathy for him when it collapses; and then rooting for him as he tries to get his namesake back even though it was never his to begin with. This is a cunningness rarely seen among Stephen Chow's peers that in-part makes the comedian Hong Kong's top box office draw.

Allan C (us) wrote: Lawrence Kasdan was riding high a this point in his career having just written "The Empire Strikes Back," "Return of the Jeti," "Raiders of the Lost Ark" and has right before this just written and directed "The Big Chill." With "Silverado" Kasdan went the polar opposite of 1970s revisionist western and made an unabashedly romantic western that manages to thrown in just about every archetypal western story into one film and manages to pull it off. The story all manage to intersect around an evil cattle barron who manages to the be the source of strife for all the various storylines., when of course leads to a final showdown with the good guys from each of the storylinestkaing on the evil ranger. But although that makes the film sound rather trite, it's a wildly entertaining western that is lovingly writen, directed, scored (by Bruce Broughton), photographed (by John Bailey) and acted by a stellar cast that includes Kevin Kline as a reformed outlaw with a good heart, Scott Glenn as gunslinger hero characters, Danny Glover as an ex-slave moving out west to help his family, Kevin Costner in an early role as the comic relief brother of Glenn and Brian Dennehy (who's a real standout in the film) as an corrupt sheriff and old pal of Kline. There's also memorable smaller parts featuring John Cleese (who does a Monty Python inside joke), Jeff Goldblum, Linda Hunt (in her film debut), Rosanna Arquette, James Gammon, Jon Seneca, Lynn Whitfield, Jeff Fahey, Amanda Wyss, Richard Jenkins (also in his film debut) and the great character actor, Brion James. Of this stellar cast, beside Dennehy, this film really made me miss seeing Kevin Kline in more films. He's such a versatile actor doing heroic parts like this, to broad comedy in "A Fish Called Wanda" to drama like in "The Ice Storm" and do it all so well. Scott Glenn is also quite memorable as the classic Clint Eastwood/John Wayne gunfighter hero-type. I'd have like to seen him in more lead roles too. If there was ever a film called a rousing western, it was certainly this one. I'd maybe say this was the 80s equivalent to the 90s western "Tombstone," which also featured a stellar cast and was also harkening back to traditional westerns rather than more revisionist westerns like "Unforgiven," but doing so is a wildly entertaining and successful fashion.

Angela L (kr) wrote: If u like dancing and keeping fit u will love this movie!!

Douglas B (ru) wrote: I do want to se this movie as a joke hahaha.

Tim W (kr) wrote: A light-hearted piece with a superb Catherine Keener performance.

Michael B (au) wrote: A must see action film. Great one liners and action.

Federico F (ca) wrote: depopulated horror for the innovative method to create a new type of mockumentary

Carla L (ca) wrote: Love this beautiful movie

Jim S (it) wrote: A strong narrative highlights this at time exploitive body parts feature. The first act of the film is nothing more than a frat boy, soft core porn fest, with lots of T & A. The second act is the definitive example of torture porn, with blood and guts and body parts flying all over the place. In the third act the film morphs into a fairly effective Jason Bourne style game of cat and mouse, which really proves quite entertaining.