Hu hua jing qing

Hu hua jing qing


  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:90 minutes
  • Release:1997
  • Language:Cantonese,Mandarin
  • Reference:Imdb
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Hu hua jing qing torrent reviews

Justin G (au) wrote: I always found the idea of being trapped in a house with no way out, damn terrifying. There would be major claustrophobia and paranoia would follow after I hear the smallest of sounds. "Shut In" was suppose to create that sense of horror. Unfortunately, Director Farren Blackburn has sadly failed. The story is about a psychologist named Mary (Naomi Watts) who finds herself taking care of her paralyzed step-son Stephen (Charlie Heaton) during a deadly ice storm. When she learns that her younger patient Tom (Jacob Tremblay) runs away and is presumed dead, she starts seeing things and hearing strange noises which lead her to believe that she is being haunted by his ghost. I understand that horror films are probably the most difficult to make. It requires careful attention, it requires the ability to get under our skin, and it requires to scare the hell out of us. Only a few gifted directors and screenwriters can pull that off. But nowadays, with the exception of a few, it feels like horror movies are merely just here get our money. They use played out clich stories and push them into scary looking previews and we say "Oh that looks like it's gonna be scary!" and then we pay them the price of admission and now they are richer. That's exactly what this movie has done to us. The movie relies on these scares that aren't real scares. False scares as they call them from things that aren't scary. Which is the poorest attempt to make us jump in our seats. Then, of course, we get the creepy noises which can sometimes be effective in this movie but for the most part they are not. Then we have the character of Mary who has various nightmarish dreams that are not terrifying or surreal and eventually come off as annoying. Everything about this film is a horrible clich that is lethargic and predictable. Well is the cast at least good? Namoi Watts plays a character that I wouldn't say is bad. She is a good actress just doing what she can with the boring screenplay provided. I can honestly say that everyone in this movie including Oliver Platt, Charlie Heaton, and Jacob Tremblay (Who was amazing in "Room (2015)") was decent in this movie. The dialogue they had to work with was just not enough to bring emotional depth to these characters. They were going for this mother-son drama in the background that just didn't hit. Now, of course, there is a twist ending. From reading around, I heard people either figured it out rather quickly or they didn't know and found it disappointing. With no spoilers, I will say that the twist ending was poorly executed. It makes you rethink the movie and rethink buying the ticket. For me, it made me realize that this wasn't a horror movie at all. I wanted this to be about ghosts, or terrifying killers, or something that just gets under our skins. Alas, it doesn't do that and is one of the worst films I saw this year. You won't get much entertainment value out of this one so I implore you stay away and save your money.

Kunthea P (ru) wrote: The movie is slow for your typical western filmgover but not for those who is familiar with good foreign films. The story telling and the acting was absolutely superb. The intricate family drama was unfolded in a methodical and captivating way.

Monet J (kr) wrote: Predictable but i liked it alot.

Nicolas E (gb) wrote: not as good as expected, but a nice historical movie about uniting Kazakhstan tribes into a free land (country) with a leader (Khan).

Mohammed A (mx) wrote: It's good movie to watch

Philip V (au) wrote: Don't really consider this a van damme movie because he played such a minor role but as a movie in general it was ok. It has it's moments

Torion O (kr) wrote: Well... Not scary exactly, more like very unusual stories that are only unsettling because most of what happens couldn't or wouldn't happen in real life.

Luigi A (ca) wrote: Limelight is Chaplin's last curtain call, with honest artists problems and a performance that is known for been Chaplin's last acting breath.

Matt M (it) wrote: An amiable lawyer turns down a successful career by turning the hand of the daughter of his law firm's boss by marrying a woman he just met in Boston. However, the newlyweds must cope with financial struggles, a mother who does not approve of the marriage, and things going bad to worse when their baby becomes ill. Stewart anticipates his It's a Wonderful Life character in this comedy drama drama. However, Cromwell is no Capra, and the balance in this melodrama is far from resembling the afore mentioned film.