Hu meng wei long

Hu meng wei long

A group of terrorists murder the captain of a cruise ship and take everyone hostage. Their plan is to steal the uranium being stored in the ship's safe. It's up to a security officer and a pickpocketing cocktail waitress to stop them.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:92 minutes
  • Release:1995
  • Language:English,Cantonese
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:murder,   gun,   person on fire,  

A group of terrorists murder the captain of a cruise ship and take everyone hostage. Their plan is to steal the uranium being stored in the ship's safe. It's up to a security officer and a pickpocketing cocktail waitress to stop them. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki

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Hu meng wei long torrent reviews

Francois V (ru) wrote: Must be the worst movie I have ever seen...

Deepak S (fr) wrote: Same old crap of underdog (the main character) winning the race. Not funny at all. Animation quality is good and is probably the saving grace.

visitorQ S (br) wrote: Not Donnies best movie. 2,5/5

Alan A (ca) wrote: Poor Robin Givens, how could such a talented beautiful actress take a sript like this. And her fellow actors and actresses were terible.

Everett J (it) wrote: A short little 15 minute movie setting up "Fast and Furious 4." Features Dom in the Dominican Repulic, with Han and Letty. Nothing really happens, not really sure why they may it. Ladies(or gay guys) if ya wanna see Vin Diesel with no shirt, then check it out. Other than that, kinda pointless really.

Graham K (fr) wrote: Best comedy i've seen in a long...long time! It's a must...whatch it!

Ian E (fr) wrote: While being plagued with one-dimensional characters, an unambitious plot, and bland jokes, the "Fred" movie is mostly a misfire because it is simply not funny.

Ambereen A (ca) wrote: Very nice movie about the power of cinema and imagination.

Hideyo K (jp) wrote: Parts of this actually reminds me of my school years in Japan. . . Dealing with hierarchy, disrespect of students against teachers, uncertainty of post-graduation life, unmotivatedness of students, outdated friendships. . . Sooo Japan, and the nostalgia makes me believe that I actually want to go back to that. The only thing is, most teenagers like those depicted in this film probably wouldn't even be in high-school (my middle school may have been two-thirds what the one in this film was like, but high-school was a little more mature). What's good about this movie though is its unconventional depiction of high-school students. Here the students rule, and the film never dwells on the consequences of the student's actions, instead focusing on the boiling point that leads to irreversible actions in the first place. "Blue Spring" basically yells "pay attention and help these kids before they snap!!" This is actually a film teachers should watch, because they're the ones who should know that preaching the consequences of failure alone won't motivate students to succeed. Students are hardly ever what they seem, and just like Aoki in this film, they can and WILL snap one day if they're left unattended. All they need is a sense of purpose, but if schools literally just become concrete boxes, then entire generations are doomed to never reach their potential. This movie is entirely about schools that fail their students.

bill s (mx) wrote: Well done recreation of the actual events....just a solid retelling of the events.

Joe G (gb) wrote: A downer of a film, It also perfectly captures the feelings of depression, failure, and regret. I went into this movie expecting a light romance (The tagline is something like "first love is always the sweetest") and came out thoroughly depressed and impressed. I love how the film starts with the main characters suicide, then uses a metaphorical train going backwards to show what has pushed this guy over the edge. Was it life that did it, or was it himself? The music captures the melancholy, as do each of the actors who do a great job with their role. Add to all that some commentary on Korean history and one of the more powerful closing shots in any film, and you have a truly great experience.

Jeremy S (it) wrote: Basic teenage movie actually. SOme parts are a little funny but man it hasn't aged well

Nalina M (kr) wrote: romantic yet patriotict

Mary M (nl) wrote: it's a HOAX!! Don't "Click" on this shiiiiiiity $3.99 to see Quigley Down Under.You may get a VIRUS so it's not worth it! Stick it where the sun doesn't shine!FALSE ADVERTISING = EPIC FAIL get bent bots! Want to see what? You land down under in Hell? Maybe I would!

Sonya G (ca) wrote: This Is My Movie!!! :)

Emma G (ru) wrote: It's a campy western. who wouldn't love it?

Jen L (ca) wrote: 2 hours of my life I will never get back!

Eduardo S (ag) wrote: normal, muy intrascendente