Huang Fei Hong yi qu Ding Cai Pao

Huang Fei Hong yi qu Ding Cai Pao


Everyone's looking to win the annual Lion Dance trophy, including Huang Fei Hung (Chung Tien Shih). The kindly physician has only 20 students, but when he decides he wants something, he usually gets it. Among his students is "Ghostly Legs" ("ghostly" meaning fast) Ah Chi (Bruce Le, channeling the spirit of Bruce Lee). At one point, the opposition, led by Shen (Shih Kien, who played Han in ENTER THE DRAGON), tries to frame Huang Fei Hung by placing a decomposing corpse in his village hospital. This gives Lu Wei the chance to pretty much steal the show: he's a corrupt cop who's more than willing to look the other way when it comes to The Law- as long as he's being properly compensated. He's more than willing to charge Hung with harboring a criminal (because the dead man was a pickpocket), drug dealing (the man was also an addict) and murder (since the man is now dead). . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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