Huck and the King of Hearts

Huck and the King of Hearts

Taking place in the 1990's, Huck and his card shark friend, Jim, travel from California to Nevada searching for Huck's long-lost grandpa. Along the way, a deceived card player chases the ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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G Brandon H (ca) wrote: Interesting doc on screenwriting. Oddly enough, the structure of the doc isn't quite perfect but there are plenty of amusing interviews to make up for the flaws.

Kaitlyn J (fr) wrote: funny and entertaining. Another good movie for Kevin Costner.

Jarrett M (jp) wrote: Salvage is a competantly made, low budget horror flick from the UK. The performances from the cast are decent, but no one is particularily gripping either. Beth, played by Neve McIntosh, is largely responsible for carrying the film, and it is a task she is capable of. The story is interesting, but familiar to genre fans. What this film does do well is to create palpable tension and maintain it for the majority of the film. This drops off a bit as the 'monster' is revealed, but not enough to be a detriment. Not a lot to get overly excited about with this film, but it is worth a look for genre fans and fans of UK genre films. Salvage doesn't break new ground and may not be the best looking UK horror film, but it does have heart and that goes a long way. If you're considering seeing this, give it a chance. Just don't expect to have a religious experience.

Jason M (br) wrote: A ridiculous but entertaining movie.

Andreas S (nl) wrote: Rotten tomatos doesn t know how to rate . Peacefull warrior is atlist 7/8 on 10

Rahul S (gb) wrote: A 40 minutes non vocal preview to Gasper Noe much more vocal and challenging movie"'I Stand Alone". This movie certainty challenge your morality and perspective for life.The movie is too graphic and some may find it grotesque in parts. This is because of the point that this movie require truly non judgmental approach for it's treatment to be understood.A real treat for cinema lovers and headache for others.

Julia S (us) wrote: A bit dated now, but a unique love story between two people at great odds for being about to find love.I cry like a baby at the ending, in spite of myself.Also: interesting shots of Philly and the suburbs around it.

Rangan R (gb) wrote: Like as usual one of the John Cusack's movie that was not widespread among the movie goers. The story of a loving, caring father of two, as well about his dignity. So many movies I'd seen that just deviates slightly from the same storyline and becomes a massive hit, mainly because of the actors or the filmmakers. This one was surprisingly a little fresher from the familiar theme.It was a road-movie-drama which is very much for family audiences. About spending time together and handling grief. A little emotion, a little adventure, a little fun, gives the overall satisfaction of giving a try. I am glad for watching this little movie, which opens about the family value when you miss your loved one under your arm.A very simple and sweet movie, merely one line story that expanded just over a 80 minute long. A fine piece of product for the tearjerker. Everybody was cool in their respective role and so the locations. Loveable movie through your whole heart, and that's exactly what I did, probably you would do the same if you're not those who always try to find flaws and bash it.8/10

Roland F (es) wrote: Disjoint and incomprehensible plot. Script is a series of non sequiturs Action sequences are exiting but contradict protagonist's own description of the operation his supposed 'no brakes , no coaster' bicycle. All hinges on smuggling a child out of China, I think... If you find it in a discount store for a buck or two like I did, buy it..

Brian A (fr) wrote: "I'd f**k Eve and make Adam watch!"

Bals A (br) wrote: The topic of the movie is very important but uncomfortable and how Van Sant imagines makes it more uncomfortable but you just can't avoid to think about it. It never judges just show. And shows brilliantly.