Huckleberry Finn

Huckleberry Finn

Huckleberry Finn, a rambuctious boy adventurer chafing under the bonds of civilization, escapes his humdrum world and his selfish, plotting father by sailing a raft down the Mississippi River. Accompanying him is Jim, a slave running away from being sold. Together the two strike a bond of friendship that takes them through harrowing events and thrilling adventures.

Huckleberry Finn, a rambuctious boy adventurer chafing under the bonds of civilization, escapes his humdrum world and his selfish, plotting father by sailing a raft down the Mississippi ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Brian A (ru) wrote: "Even the Sharknados are tougher in New York!"

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Leonard D (mx) wrote: Completely pointless, and broken! Not even the first one is enough to recommend!

Noah Abraham G (ru) wrote: "Fear Island" is actually pretty decent. Yes, it has a lot of the same problems as most modern horror movies, but the actors really give it their all, and you could certainly do a lot worse!

Doctor S (us) wrote: Right from the start, you are required to swallow a gigantic shovel of bullshit in order for the movie to work, and then things only get harder to believe from there. Nicole Kidman's dead husband of 10 years seems to reappear into her life in the body of child actor Cameron Bright, who was a hot property in the mid-Naughties, also appearing in big ticket movies Ultraviolet and Godsend with DeNiro. And he's the same in all of them, exhibiting a passive cherubic face and monotonic emotional state. He seems to have infected the entire cast too and everyone is so reserved you couldn't get a table at their restaurant for 5 years. There are an abundance of empty spaces in the screenplay too, in one shot at the theater Kidman stares straight into the camera for an entire two minute stretch! If only the story took similar risks, but it seems the director was aiming for a contemplative approach. Given the narrow scope, tiptoe pace, and lousy ending, I wonder what he expected we were to contemplate, our navels or wristwatch inner mechanisms?Birth is professionally shot and with some work the music score by Alexandre Desplat could've been worthy of an Oscar nomination, but like every other facet it lacks ambition. While many of the technical aspects merit commendation, the rating accurately reflects the pointlessness of having watched their syntheses.

Annelies S (nl) wrote: A strange movie. This character Carlos played by Antonio Banderas has some kind of visions in his mind, but visions so clearly that he seems to be able to tell people who is dead and who is alive. A bit like The Shining almost. But one negative fact is that Banderas and the other Hispanic characters should have spoken Spanish to each other. It would make the movie more believable.

John T (mx) wrote: Cheesy, not great by any means, but I liked it. It was amusing.

Robert G (nl) wrote: The acting and directing in this movie is spectacular. As far as acting goes it really could not get much better. A lot is due to the director, he seemed to understand how to get everting he could out of his actors including a little kid. I loved the story, but it is defiantly a slow one. It is about a man who is found in the desert by his brother. And his attempt to put his family back together after a traumatizing event.

Darrin C (mx) wrote: An okay continuance to the first movie, but gets sorta old after the first hour or so...

David S (ag) wrote: Jonathan Demme's slick and stylish homage to Alfred Hitchcock. The entire narrative itself is only a MacGuffin (to use a term Hitchcock used) to allow Demme to create set pieces that mimic those of the Master of Suspense - we get a shower sequence (ala Psycho), a pair of scissors (ala Dial M for Murder), a bell tower (ala Vertigo), a near fall in front of a train (ala Shadow of Doubt), the slow tearing of clothes (ala Saboteur), and even a climatic finish at a famous locale (here Niagara Falls).This film was made with the Hitchock fan in mind and not as a standalone thriller, thus those expecting a cleverly original thriller will be disappointed. However, those that embrace the film's self-referential sensibilities will have a lot of fun noticing all the references, homages, puns, and inside jokes that the film offers. But you don't need to know Hitchcock to still enjoy the values of this film - it is still an entertaining, stylish, and suspenseful thriller that will surely please most viewers.

Sarah F (ru) wrote: I wonder what this is about, i think ill see it!

Carole T (ca) wrote: There's no denying the craftsmanship that went into the puppets and Bowie is superb as the Goblin King, but it hasn't stood the test of time at all and seems really naff now.

Kenric A (br) wrote: The only reason this piece of crap currently has a 100% critic rating on Rotten Tomatoes is because only 5 reviews have been counted so far. The scene where Lois gives Brainiac the two middle fingers is a perfect summary of this failure of a film. Only giving it an extra half star for the comic book classic art in a few of the scenes. Too bad it doesn't look anything like the cover art. This only enforces my long held opinion of Superman being one of my least favorite superheroes, second perhaps only to Captain America.