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Thomas W (kr) wrote: This is one of those "someone wrote this?" kind of movies. Someone decided to fund this movie? These stars read the script and wanted to be in this movie? The Hot Flashes might mean well but it isn't a good or well-made movie. Brooke Shields stars as a 40-something former high school basketball star who has botched the paperwork for her late friend's non-profit traveling mammogram-mobile which has caused the health service to cease to be. Horrified at what she has done, she recruits a batch of old friends to play basketball against the Texas high school basketball state champions to raise money for charity. The film is poorly written and it is full of clichd characters and awful stereotypes -- the self-righteous hypocritical Bible thumper, the lesbian, the town tramp etc. These are all stock characters in generic situations. As bad as the film is, one cannot help but root for this group of one-time winners because they are good people wanting to do something good for others. It sounds awful, but this film is a benign lump -- it isn't good but it could have been much worse.

Christina D (au) wrote: superb movie.........

Joseph R (fr) wrote: Intercut with interviews of people who were actually close to the case, Dirty Pictures is a cut above your typical biopics. Pretty darn good, and for the record, those pictures were pretty damn dirty.

Andrea S (ag) wrote: This could have been much better, I kept waiting for something more to happen. Too bad.

Jonathan B (it) wrote: Impressive in its slice of life approach and how it manages to naturally fit in a little bit of everything, buoyed by an excellent cast and Brooks' sharp writing. An 80s Best Picture winner and classic.

Martin T (gb) wrote: A good enough movie, but not really special.

Eddie D (au) wrote: Aesthetically beautiful!

Christopher H (es) wrote: One of the best non-Godzilla Toho monster flicks. Not as dark as "Gojira" or "Rodan" but still possesses artistic merit. The special effects are remarkable and the story is full of colorful characters.

Kevin C (de) wrote: Movie night with Iris.In Cool Britannia 90s i had the Welsh novel; Renton poster in my flat; and loved the soundtrack. But at the time i thought the film was ok, but not great. 21 years later i was so wrong. There have been plenty of films about the drug culture, almost all of them adopting a moral tone; but very little like Boyle's. The film shows the pleasures of drug-taking, and the joy of escaping for a time from the kind of life ('It's all shite'). By the end, we see the consequences of this choice, but it is pretty unavoidable.And it is really funny. The worst toilet in Scotland, Archie Gemmill's goal; and Spud's soiled sheets are classic scenes. Renton, Spud, Sick Boy and Begbie are not admirable figures, but they are flesh and blood. There are elements of caricature, but you see what's happening to them and why. Brilliant Boyle.