An intimate geographic route where the director narrates in first person the story of his grandfather Ludovico, an Italian arrived in Argentina after fighting in World War II. With very few clues begin to map the features of a grandfather he never knew and soon reveals disturbingly contradictory.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:84 minutes
  • Release:2012
  • Language:Spanish
  • Reference:Imdb
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The Ivan's psyche is affected when he becomes the lover of a young married woman. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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paul B (de) wrote: Le film Parisien pas excellence (classe sociale supp). Des acteurs brillants qui oscillent entre deprime et joie de vivre.

Rory Fyfe S (ca) wrote: Good movie. Romantic comedy.

Mlissa A (nl) wrote: surdose de mauvais gags raciste et de ktainerie !

Chloe C (au) wrote: My favourite film of all time! I love this film it is sad but in but in bits of it happy! Anyone who says this movie is crap, they are ridiculous! This is a brilliant movie!

Bruce20 W (de) wrote: The conclusion to the Lord of the Rings is visually stunning, and its keeps you watching the whole four hours.

Josh M (gb) wrote: A good drama with a stellar cast of actors and characters. The build up is slow, but the ending does not disappoint.

My Balloon G (ca) wrote: This movie was hysterical! So funny! I can't believe it got such poor reviews. Classic Joe Pesci with so many funny moments.

Fiona H (gb) wrote: Contemporary look at isolated, socially backward sisters, and their country town - here dubbed "Sunray"... What happens when a man arrives to an area devoid of available bachelors short of a couple of sandwiches? Mayhem. Dry landscape. White wedding dress up a silo...

Davie J (br) wrote: I don't get all the bad reviews about this, I think it's great. It's another of those Bank holiday films I have seen a hundred times. Rodge is great as is Kojak, I hope the BBC don't stop showing it.

Katie W (br) wrote: A lonely widow meets a much younger Moroccan man, and so the love story begins.The film is visually stunning, as well as a powerful story. The film looks at peoples attitudes to each other, to foreigners, and the 'problems' supposedly caused by interracial marriage. The film tells the story of how two equally lonely people come together in search of happiness, but also how outside influences can affect a relationship.A very beautiful & very moving story.

Jennifer M (ca) wrote: Why did I record this?

Jason H (de) wrote: It's not one of the Dukes best, but it not bad. It kinda feels like it should have been a sequel to one of his other movies, so the characters could have had more of a history. Younger viewers will not enjoy, but it is a good look at the old way of making films.

Ric S (br) wrote: Incrdible cast-classic movie. How canyou lose?

ken k (kr) wrote: The review on the Blu Ray box from the San Francisco Chronicle says, " A hands down, watch it 3 times in a row masterpiece" could not be more misleading. If one likes being depressed and to have a helpless, hopeless outlook on life maybe! American Beauty, another Mendes film has about the same view of suburban life but manages to see the humor amongst the "Dead Roses". Certainly great performances all around but watch it 3 times in a row?? Hell no! Despite the tone, a very captivating film indeed.

Amie R (kr) wrote: really good powerful film, robert deniro at his best :)

Tim S (au) wrote: Witchery (aka Witchcraft, aka La Casa 4) has the appearance of a fun horror movie, mainly because of the presence of David Hasselhoff and Linda Blair, but it winds up just being an exercise in tedium. The most effective scenes in the movie are actually the torture scenes, which is not to say that they're scary or squirm-inducing. They just provide some relief from the character situations. None of those characters have anything going on worthy of note, other than standardized things like one character being sexual active, another being rude and mean, etc. There's just not much to this movie to make it worth recommending. And if you're a fan of Italian horror, this will definitely be a letdown for you.