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His arrest–widely believed at the time to be a setup–galvanized Party support throughout the nation and led to a boom in Party membership, bringing a new level of public attention to the Panthers’ cause. Newton, the charismatic young college student who, along with Bobby Seale, created the Black Panther Party, had been jailed for allegedly killing a police officer. This riveting documentary, “Black Panthers - Huey!”, directed by French filmmaker Agnès Varda transports you to the pivotal Free Huey rally held on February 17th, 1968, at Oakland Auditorium in Alameda, California

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Byron B (au)

nominated for best picture at golden globes

Chris H (au)

his flick is legit!. This one delivers in the same way the 4 Grindhouse flicks do, however this one truly captures the look and feel of a cheap late 60's early 70's smut flick! Even Black Dynamite had 1-2 seconds of cgi short cuts installed. Can't get enough of these modern exploitation flicks

Danielle L (de)

skip. but i hate cedric the entertainer even more. love callum keith rennie

Ian W (it)

I thought this was a riveting tale of the whole Lance Armstrong doping saga, I am not sure how accurate it was in terms of factual information but it was exceedingly enjoyable

Jacob B (fr)

I love all these movies and I just hope they keep making them

Jason M (it)

By far the worst movie I have EVER seen in my life! DO NOT BELIEVE THE RATING! It must have been paid for from the movie studios!

Lawrence M (it)

. . They don't make'em like this any more . Razor sharp dialogue in this little film noir thriller, with a few comic elements

Matthew S (au)

Yes its title is very misrepresenting of the film itself, and there's some amateur acting but this film is an absolute comedy gem!

Mike P (it)


Nicholas L (es)

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