A woman steals her abusive boyfriend's drug money for her three teenage daughters to seek better lives for themselves and a bloody pursuit ensues.

The film centers on a trio of sisters who have been raised by their mother who is shaked up with the violent drug-dealer Huff. When the mother realizes her sleaze bag, bible thumping husband has been abusing her daughters she goes to extremes to ensure their safety. On the run the three girls must manage to stay one step ahead of their maniacal step father, Huff will revenge in his eyes. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Andy F (fr) wrote: Didn't Get See Much Of This As Wife Chained Me Up In Her Red Room As She Calls It ???

Joo P (es) wrote: Billy Lynn's Long Halftime Walk could be a strong war drama about how the soldiers are treated by the american system and how they suffers from post traumatic stress from war. Sometimes the movie succeed, but most of the time the Ang Lee's flick suffers from the lack of weight, even with good performances of Kristen Stewart and the newcorner Joe Alwyn. (3/5)

Kimmy T (gb) wrote: Very very cliche. Average of an abc family movie

Jacob D (kr) wrote: Pretty disappointing.

Guillaume L (gb) wrote: Sans doute pas le meilleur film de son auteur mais toujours cette faon singulire de faire des thrillers. Toujours beaucoup de silence(s), d'ellipses, de travail d'imagination laisse au spectateur... Mme si la fin on se dit qu'on n'a pas necessairement vu grand chose se passer devant nos yeux, on a ete envoute. Du moins, c'est ce qui se passe pour moi devant chaque nouveau film de Christian Petzold.

Private U (nl) wrote: The performance by Donald Sutherland (grandfather with Parkinson's Disease and Alzheimer's) stole the show. On the down side, events resolve themselves far too conveniently, and other characters were a little underdeveloped. But overall a beautiful and moving movie.

Davey M (gb) wrote: The story of "Whisky" is simple, and virtually everything we need to know is communicated in the series of mostly medium-wide, stationary shots that make up the 95-minute running time. The three main actors give fine performances, and have very little dialogue, and the editing is effectively slow--we wait to cut until all the characters have entirely left the frame, and directors Juan Pablo Rebella and Pablo Stoll shoot every scene they can in one long, unwinding take. The visuals very rarely draw any sort of attention to themselves, and are generally just content to use the video format to capture the necessary information. The result of this stripped-bare simplicity is surprisingly engaging, often very funny, and rather moving in its unexpected emotional complexity--this is like a film from the 1910s made in 2004, and, like the early silent dramas, the characters almost magically evolve from the juxtaposition of images into fully-rounded, very sympathetic human beings. In its own way, "Whisky" is as much as anything a reminder of the strange and miraculous process of cinematic storytelling.

Yann F (fr) wrote: Le premier long-metrage realise par Kim Jee-Woon, jamais sorti en France (j'ai reussi a le trouver pas cher sur ebay en VO sous-titre en anglais). C'est une comedie noire et grincante a mi-chemin entre "Petits Meurtres entre amis" et l'"Auberge Rouge" : une famille de branquignoles ouvre un gite dans un coin de montagne paume en esperant decrocher le jackpot le jour ou une route viendra deposer les touristes et les randonneurs juste devant chez eux. Le client se fait rare, jusqu'au jour ou un type depressif vient louer une chambre pour se faire hara-kiri. C'est le point de depart d'une farce sanguinaire qui rebondit de quiproquo en quiproquo, de cadavres en cadraves, et qui dresse un tableau cruel de la societe sud-coreenne. A travers son film, Kim Jee-Woon se moque de la paranoia de ses contemporains (notamment vis-a-vis de l'ennemi invisible du nord), denonce la cupidite des parents, leur esprit corrumpu, et s'amuse de la stupidite et de l'immaturite des (grands) enfants. La scene ou la gamine de la famille manque de faire cramer ses parents dans la grange en rallumant l'electricite pour regarder la tele est sans doute la plus evocatrice.

MacDara C (gb) wrote: (Watched Wed 06 May 2009)

David C (ca) wrote: I remember watching this during the 80s and really liked it, John Hurt was great and it was one of the very few films I saw Judd Nelson in. But still enjoyed it very much. Would love to see this again now, just to see how dated it is, but shame its abit hard to find.

Jack B (mx) wrote: funny, could have been better.

Michael D (gb) wrote: shocking at the time, still shocking now. not great but interesting and culturally important.

Brian S (gb) wrote: It's unfortunate that Orson Welles ain't as recognized as other movie-makers like Charlie Chaplin or Alfred Hitchcock, because he was an excellent filmmaker, and Citizen Kane will always be his best. It's a phenomenal landmark in cinema history, an entertaining, exceptionally well edited and well written movie, very memorable, powerful and gripping. One, if not, the best movie ever made. Recommended for sure!!

Michael K (ca) wrote: I liked it, special effects need to be redone, but the story is interesting and exciting.

Janet M (kr) wrote: Malcolm McDowell should have won an Oscar for this movie