Hugo 2

Hugo 2


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Marcia C (de) wrote: an 8 hour film on hot air has more appeal to it than this ever could....D list? you mean what list!

Josh M (ca) wrote: Not scary and far from chilling. Too long of a build up to a sub par conclusion that is predictable. There are many unnecessary scenes that make you jump. Scenes like that are not scary, but just annoying. I expect better from John Carpenter.

Phoebe S (de) wrote: Visually stunning and exceedingly clever! I love it!

Jason S (ca) wrote: This film is all about character, and these characters are really well fleshed out. Very simple visual style, but that's not really the point, right?

Z L (ca) wrote: Somewhat higher classified than most children films but this still is quite cheesy and boring for refined tastes.

Skyler B (au) wrote: Having finally seen this movie (thank you, Netflix!) I must say it was very fun and overly entertaining. Quality late-80's sci-fi film. And... why didn't Quaid and Harrison Ford ever play brothers in a movie when they were younger? That would have worked.

Andy P (fr) wrote: I liked it for Julianne Moore's performance only. Not one of Cronenberg's best to be sure.

Sam M (kr) wrote: Kind of an improvement on the previous installment. Good action sequences and quotes.

Allison K (ag) wrote: In all of its crudeness and absurdity, I was wildly entertained. This has rarely been my kind of humor, and I never thought I would end up seeing this movie. It is definitely not intended for the weak of heart and the easily offended. I really enjoyed it, which is a little beyond comprehension for me. It pokes at clichs on occasion, which was not exactly my favorite part of the movie, but the perverseness was very well played and, quite frankly, was the best part. Good work, American Pie.

Deidre S (ag) wrote: omg it was funny but i also thought he would do better a little more