Hula Girls

Hula Girls


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Paavo L (de) wrote: kahden markan david lynch wannabe leffa.

Matthew D (de) wrote: Interesting film, with great actors and actresses. Worth watching, bets, crushes, love the whole nine yards

Al M (es) wrote: A rather ho-hum and derivative Korean horror thriller that unsuccessfully attempts to blend police procedural together with Asian ghost-story stereotypes. The result is tedious at best....

Fanny H (es) wrote: A must-see; two guys getting screwed by fate decide to get even by traveling to FINLAND to track down a company who they've singled out to be responsible for their misery.Hilarious!

Andrew O (us) wrote: It's good and not nearly as cheesy as you'd expect.

Aj V (ag) wrote: I liked this dramatic thriller, it stars a teenage Drew Barrymore, and the rest of the cast is good too. The story is surprising and suspenseful, it's a good movie.

Talon B (ru) wrote: One would think with our ever shrinking attention-span that more studios would make anthology films these days. Four stories for the price of one. The beauty of such a thing means if one or two stories goes sour you always have a another and, naturally, the best saved for last, to look forward to. Unfortunately we just get longer lemons nowadays. That said, if you can make through the first three yarns in Torture Garden (campy and often corny premonitions of personal terrors to come), you're rewarded with a brilliant vignette staring the enthusiastically slippery Jack Palance and his haunting costar, Peter Cushing as rival Edgar Allen Poe memorabilia collectors. It's worth the price of admission alone and sideshow host Burgess Meredith mugs it up sufficiently between the other segments to keep the entertainment a spectacle before returning everyone somewhat indifferently to the midway.

Trenton R (br) wrote: Rehashing the plot of the first one, bland and insane villains, and the fact that Danny isn't likeable. Not once in this movie did I root for him. This just flat out sucks!!!!