A stockbroker who moves into a flat finds that he cannot sleep because of the loud whistle blown by the night-watchman. This leads him into conflict with the building's secretary who insists on the use of the whistle.

A stockbroker who moves into a flat finds that he cannot sleep because of the loud whistle blown by the night-watchman. This leads him into conflict with the building's secretary who insists on the use of the whistle. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Carol P (br) wrote: questions, so many questions

Barnaby G (mx) wrote: Brilliant film. When an excellent script is directed well and interpreted superbly by the actors you get something like this. The three main protaganists all are horrid, yet the audience feels something for them, probably due to the credibility of the performances but also because of the humane nature the film is portrayed. Very dark, but the sort of film the British do best.

Private U (kr) wrote: agreeed with other 2 people...this movie is in my books as one of the worst movies ever. dear lord...this movie brough NOTHING to the screen was so bad i dont even know where to thats why im done

Conner R (es) wrote: The late 90s post apocalyptic direct-to-video approach to Yojimbo. It's pretty bad on a massive scale, not even bad enough to laugh at. Its only saving grave is the power of Hauer, which was lacking anyway. This was just a bad translation with none of the character counterparts making sense and there being literally no budget. Sadly, it's nothing like Kurosawa or Sergio Leone's previous movies.

Everette L (it) wrote: only because my friend Jacqueline smith is in it.

Paul L (it) wrote: Perhaps the best giant bug movie ever made.Based on a true story.

Joanna R (gb) wrote: A very nice, lyrical movie about the lonely city experiment, which so many of us have undertaken. At some points I found it over the top, with it's focus on beautiful women (as I am not male, big surprise), but the quotations from Pessoa and the quiet atmosphere is just what you need if you are tired and weary (after your exams, par exempla).

Tyler B (ru) wrote: One of the all time great legal films. Hanks and Washington are awesome and give Oscar caliber performances, and Jason Robards made for a great villain.Not only a good legal film but a hall mark and turning point for Gay and AIDS rights. Truly a powerful and moving film that if released in another year could have easily been best picture.

Thomas H (ru) wrote: Already, Guilty as Sin is part of a tradition of cinema that can feel free of the corruption of reality, opposing it and doing so coolly. The premise is traditional, and the filmmaking is to represent ideology - the ideology of evolution. However, what makes Guilty as Sin extra special is its specific layer of eeriness. The world of the film is pretty, where everything looks elegant, and even alien (the courtroom in particular denotes this reality); the profession of law is not what it is relative to reality, but, it's purpose is to promote art's identity of conflation. The visual style of Guilty as Sin is exotic, to the degree that despite an already intriguing and sinister plot synopsis, the viewer should experience this 1993 thriller with dread, and anticipation.As a one time viewer, it amazes me how much I remember the film. De Mornay is her career-defining role with this film, and her co-star Don Johnson is so convincing as the part of the dubious and wicked client that it was hard for me to imagine Johnson playing any other part. Numerous times, the script of Guilty as Sin shows weird things - even relative to its genre - and it works to the effect of being genuinely confusing. It isn't that the characters behave in strange ways, but more that the overall reality is alien, and the characters within it are like a trapped normality. Guilty as Sin works. It represents the crime drama, and legal thriller well. I would even say that Guilty as Sin is a superior kind of art to Blade Runner, or to something like Pulp Fiction or Titanic: none of those three films have the instinctive power of Guilty as Sin, and its level of suggestive intellect. Most importantly, Guilty as Sin is why art and cinema exists. It is bizarre and rationality conflated, yet done so with a style that doesn't offend or irritate or just senselessly confuse the viewer. Like I said, the world of Guilty as Sin is demonic and alien, showing its characters occupying weird-looking environments, but the nature of the story rationalises this strange surface-reality. The events of the story itself are also strange at times, but it works because of the foundation of purpose: Guilty as Sin is a popcorn film, intelligently equipped with intellect. If I reflect on films like this year's Love and Friendship, or 2004's Crash, or a drama series like Downton Abbey, Guilty as Sin becomes all the more powerful, because of my knowledge that the root purpose of Guilty as Sin is to inspire its audience using reality, but not reflecting reality. Rebecca De Mornay is the symbol of reality's evolution, in this film.

Paul D (ru) wrote: Nope, nope nope. Never again.

Lauren H (gb) wrote: Slightly more somber in tone than 'The Ipcress File', but in some ways a better film. Caine really comes into his own, balancing Palmer's humor and apparent cynicism with a nice dose of morality. The plot is appropriately convoluted and no one is clean, including the British Secret Service. Palmer, like so many anti-heroes of the 60s and 70s, is a decent man in an indecent world.

Larissa P (ru) wrote: THE finest of the fine noir film.

Petunia C (ca) wrote: Whoever didn't like this movie basically has no soul, just saying.

Dave N (mx) wrote: One of the most underrated movies around.This film is fun and entertaining. People need tolearn how to enjoy movies again. Everyone thinks they're a critic. Great cast, twisty plot and just plain fun.Relax and enjoy the ride.

Robert R (us) wrote: Possessing both imaginative and cliched moments of narrative substance, poorly and finely edited sequences, brilliant and terrible uses of special effects, as well as both silly and exemplary displays of camerawork, "Highlander" is quite an odd movie to swallow. Though, after watching the film, one cannot deny these two things; #1 - sword-fighting is the most entertaining when conducted at night in the middle of downtown New York City; and #2 - this movie might just contain one of the best performances from ol' Captain Byron Hadley/Mr. Krabs himself -- Clancy Brown. Proceed with optimistic caution, for the cheese is strong in this one.