Hum Rahe Na Hum

Hum Rahe Na Hum


  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:0 minutes
  • Release:1984
  • Language:Hindi
  • Reference:Imdb
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Hum Rahe Na Hum torrent reviews

Matt G (nl) wrote: Ignore the ATROCIOUS title and watch without the dubbing, and you will be in for a marginal amount of "Thing"-like fun. Some old-fashioned (if amateurish) practical effects and the breathtakingly gorgeous arctic setting raise this otherwise ho-hum monster flick to be a slight amount of fun.

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Dan K (gb) wrote: this movie pained me physically

Binku T (ru) wrote: At first I liked how the movie goes. But it spoiled at the ended without completing and giving a meaning.

Luciano G (us) wrote: While the actors and actresses do a fine job portraying their characters, the story becomes rather predictable and a bit silly. especially near the end....this is a movie with some good ideas that just were not thought through enough, so much more could've been done with this....maybe a remake with a bigger budget and some better writers...

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Andy W (au) wrote: 10/10. Best film I've ever seen, hands down.

James H (kr) wrote: On the plus side, the pace is very fast and it has some good action sequences but the plot is way too over the top, and some of the dialogue is so bad it makes you groan. It wears thin about midway through.

Mike N (ru) wrote: It's a good idea that just wasn't well executed, which is a damn shame.

Joshua F (ru) wrote: This was one of my favorite movies when I was younger. And even now there's a certain sense of nostalgic charm to it.

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Alex S (fr) wrote: I'm not sure how I feel about this film. There is large amount of melodrama, which I had trouble connecting with, but the story itself is intriguing. Events at the picnic lurch from good to bad to worse, so it keeps one wondering what direction things will turn to next.

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John T (br) wrote: Hitchcock (2012) is an entertaining film centered on the making of Alfred Hitchcock's Psycho one of the most popular and effective horror-thrillers ever made. As a secondary plotline, it is also about the relationship between Hitchcock and his wife Alma.The film is a fictional dramatization and not intended to be completely factual and accurate-though it portrays real-life people and uses many well documented thought-to-be-true 'facts' throughout the film. It also borrows some questionable stories about Hitchcock and in dramatizing them, stages them in a way for the film that might make you think Hitchcock was more of a twisted pervert than he really wasIf you are a looking for a well-acted, entertainment about a very famous unique filmmaker dealing with his marriage as he makes a very famous movie (that's based on a mixture of facts, gossip, rumor and innuendo) you'll have fun watching HitchcockThe cast is excellent and delivers. Anthony Hopkins as Hitchcock and Helen Mirren as Alma (his wife) are excellent. Danny Huston, Scarlet Johansson (as Janet Leigh), Jessica Biel (as Vera Miles) and Toni Collette are well cast in their supporting roles. James D'Arcy who is only seen in a few scenes couldn't be better playing Anthony Perkins. The subplot involving Mirren and Huston's partnering to write together feels a bit forced, but is probably necessary to set up the screen tension between Hitchcock and his wife.